Thursday, July 2, 2009

Las Vegas would like to Welcome: The Dog Days of Summer!

Phew! It has been TOASTY outside lately! Even if you go air conditioned store to air conditioned house, you still have to get to your car, and sit in it while it cools down. And I feel bad for poor miss monkey, her car seat gets so warm, and she knows it, she doesn't like to put he head back. Speaking of carseats. . . I think it's time to start looking for a stage 2 front facing car seat! Can you believe that?! I can't, I just can't believe I have daughter that is almost one! Marin will enjoy facing forward I think, it gets a little boring looking at the back of the seat :)

Ahh, last night was Young Womens and I am glad I went. My friend has a 3 month old baby and is feeling the effects of those long nights and . . . . well, she had a few other things on her mind that she needed to vent about. Every new mom has been there, so I was glad she could vent it off, and I hope I offered some helpful advice :)

Kris wrapped up his first intro class this last Tuesday, and wil be starting his Business Law class next week. While he has heard great things about this class, he also has heard that the homework will be an extra hour (at least!) per night, giving us a grand total of 3 hours of Kris-less time at home :( Kris is working so hard at everything. The regional director from UOP (Univ. of Phoenix) personally congratulated him on achieving 3 top spots in the sales dapartment for this quarter. He comes home and plays with baby for a bit and then goes to work on his homework. He just keeps going and going and going. What a great husband, I love him so much.

This is my looooong weekend to work, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Just like the good ol' days! Yeah, I am SO glad I do not work full time anymore. BUT! I am doing this so I can have next Saturday off so my hunny can have a great birthday. Even though his birthday is next Thursday, he is working, and I'll be working Friday, so Saturday is his day! Even though I know he doesn't read the blog (he looks at the pics), I still don't want to run the risk of him finding out. Although, I can almost guarantee he knows anyway, stinker. So, he has plans from 6am to 11am, and then a quick break, then is booked from 1-2pm. Afer that, I think we'll go out to lunch with our friends. THEN. . . . . we get to drive to Salt Lake! I am so excited we get to leave town for a few days, and see some family! This is our first break since January, and we are in desperate need of a few days away. Kris has two vacation days he has to use before the end of July, and it is the perfect weekend to use them. PLUS, we are getting a great opportunity to have some family photos taken :) Hooray! Our super cool bro-in-law Sam is going to do a photo shoot for us, it will be our first since Marin was 6 weeks. I hope the weather is nice! I am soooo excited about the whole weekend :)

Speaking of photos, I am starting a new project! A family photo album! We have so many photos that need to be organized, and I really want them in an album. I'll be using Shutterfly, and if you have never used them, you have to try it. I used them to make our wedding album, and it was such a great experience. You upload your photos and design your own page backgrounds and layouts and cover, and then they print it off and ship it to you! Our wedding album cost us $60! And it turned out beautifully! If you are short on money and don't want to spend a million bucks, then try shutterfly, I LOVE them! So, ask me how I am coming along!

Ok, Picture Time!

Hey, a bone! I'll be taking this. . . .

Hmmm, lets see, what can I do with this?

Ok, I'm done, here puppy, you can have it back.

Playing with Mollie

She loves to play with the puppy
Such a sweet baby. She is adorable in this dress, Gotoa love DI!

Yummm! Blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Thanks mommy!
Hey, theres a kitty cat in there! Come out and play kitty!

I guess Kitty doesn't want to play :(

Ok, off to start my day!

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