Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Day. . . is everyday apparently

Yesterday morning I drug myself and baby girl to the Y so I could eagerly hop on the treadmill and RUN. And run I did! For almost 2 miles, which, is a big step for moi post preggo. I got off and I was already sore, and then even more sore after I rested on the bed when monkey was sleeping. I feel pretty good now, but I need to get to the gym again today, and pretty much every day for that matter. It is going to be a LONG way before I can get to 13.1 miles!

When Kris got home from work yesterday, we packed up the kiddo and headed grocery shopping, well, we tried. My car finally crapped out. BLAH! At least it decided to do it in he garage I guess. It made this loud clicking sound, which, from experience, tells me it may be the starter. We actually could jump the car, but I called my dad for some advice anyway. So lst night I was up until 1130 in a hot garage with 2 running cars, some dirty jumper cables, and some equipment I didn't really know how to use/read, trying to fix my car. It was NOT a pretty sight. A sweaty girl fumblig around with a wrench trying to get stubborn screwey things un-screwed. I did manage to clean off the bttery terminals, which were not super corroded, but I sure as heck cleaned 'em anyway! And I fiddled around for a little while until Kris decided to tell me he had a voltage meter. Geez! That would have saved some time! Anyway, I think I am going to get a new battery for my car, I am pretty sure it's ridin' the E regardless, so I am off to Wal Mart today.

Just one pic for you today, Marin has found she can climb up onto the fouton and join in the fun, this is her after she made it to the top!

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