Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Summer Splashing

Mmmmm, such a nice day. Although it IS hot outside, Marin and I have been cooling off in the sun! We went to the park up the road to play in the water. Marin has so much fun playing with the water that shoots out of the ground and from the big rings. We didn't stay very long, Marin's dress was pretty wet and it was getting close to naptime, so we packed up and left. Not much on the menu for today or tomorrow. I just need to get a final answer on what Kris wants for his birthday dinner on Thursday. I do know for sure that we'll be having creme brulee for dessert. There is just something about guys and creme brulee. I don't know what it is, but every guy's fancy choice for dessert is almost always creme brulee. I have some vanilla beans that are dying for some kitchen love, so they will be put to good use :)

Picture Time!

There were some other kids playing at the park too.
Chicking things out.
Boy it was windy! I actually put on a skirt before we left to stay cool, but it was flying everwhere!

Soaking it all in.
Marin with mama!

Oh dear, this is what happens when Marin see's that daddy has a plateful of food and she gets taken from his lap and put into her high-chair. NOT a happy girl. Crocodile tears though. As soon as she was in daddy's lap, she was happy as a clam.

Have a great day!

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