Wednesday, July 15, 2009

3 Years Later. . .

I have sooo many pics to show you all! We just got back last night from a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake, it was JUST what the doctor ordered. Saturday morning after Kris played a round of golf with his buddy BJ, we headed up to Salt Lake. Sunday morning we played with family, and that afternoon we met up with Melodie, Sam and Trine to take some BEAUTIFUL family photos, they turned out soooo well, just incredible. Sam takes the most amazing pics :) We even got to hear a few rumbles of thunder while we were at the park, I thought maybe I could see some rain, but it held off.

Saturday night Kris and I headed up to Snowbird and left Marin with Trine until the following morning. Marin had lots of fun playing with her Bestemor and playing with her (1st? 2nd? Once or twice removed??) cousins. Kris and I had a wonderful evening to ourselves that night complete with a leisurely, delicious dinner and a little sprinkle of rain :) The next day we played like a bunch of little kids at the fair. I had no idea, but at Snowbird in the summer, they have some great activities, we tried to do all of them. They had an alpine slide (story to follow later!), a zip line, mechanical bull ride (yes, even I rode the bull!), rock wall, bungee trampoline, and lots of sun to soak up. We had sooo much fun! It was great to spend the day with my husband, sans baby. We also took the tram ride up to the top of the mountain, this in particular held sentimental value to us. 3 years ago in May, Kris took me up to the top of the mountain and proposed at 11,000 feet. I remember the day so well too. I was putting my makeup on and watched Kris pace back and forth down the hallway. Then as we drove to the resort, he was DEAD silent, I could barely get two words out of him! When we finally got there, I knew he was up to something, and couldn't help myself from having some fun, so I tried to stand next to him and snuggle up, and he would stiffen up his elbow and try and keep me away (What's in that pocket babe?!). When we go to the top, we went to the side of the mountain, he mumbled a few things (even I can barely remember that part), knelt down and asked me to be his wife. I had to answer pretty hastily because we were in the snow and sliding down the side of the moutain. But I already knew what I would say. When we were up there this weekend, I jut couldn't believe it had been over three years since the proposal! So much has happened since then, and it was very nostalgic for us both.

After we soaked up the sun that day we drove back to find a cvery happy little girl, who was also very happy to see mommy and daddy. Then we headed over to Ruth's Diner for a wonderful birthday dinner, courtesy of Trine, I guess the diner is a legend in Salt Lake. Tuesday morning came much too soon. We had to leave so Kris could go to class that night. Oh how I wish we could have stayed a week at least! We had so much more fun to be had up there. I do love going up to visit and seeing our family. They have always been so kind and welcoming and I miss them already!

Ok, details and pictures to follow, I hear a little Marin monkey jabbering away in her crib, so off I go!

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