Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is Kris's Birthday! Hooray! I know he gets less and less excited about his birthday each year (I don't really blame him!), but heck, a birthday is a birthday and requires celebration! Unfortunately he had to work today, but hopefully I can make him smile when he gets home. Last night he wasn't feeling very well either, but. . . I made him some veggie soup, dosed him up with OJ, tylenol and benadryl, made him wear a sock around his neck (if you grew up in my home, you know what that means) and put some vicks on him. Poor guy, the things you have to put up with when your married to a nurse.

So, because growing up in MY home, we always had a birthday dinner, Kris is going to have a birthday dinner too. I asked Kris to go through the Bobby Flay coobook he got me for my birthday, and he picked out what he wanted, so. . .on the menu for tonight:

Kris's 29th birthday dinner menu:

*Lobster Pan Roast with Salsa Verde and Spicy Tomato Relish
*Roasted New Potatoes
*Cilantro Rice
*And for dessert: A birthday Creme Brulee! (Who does that? really.)

I must say, I HAD to taste test the creme brulee (Bobby Flay says that if your not tasting, your not cooking!), and it. . . is. . . delicious! Mmmmm, complete with crispy sugary caramelized crust on top.

Ok, I can't spend too much time on the computer today, I still have a lot to do, so off I go! I guess I should say a few tidbits about Marin, she is a happy girl! She has a bit of a runny nose today, but still smiling, cute girl. Those front teeth are really starting to show, so when she smiles, you can see them peeking out from behind her lips. Poor girl is looking more and more like a hillbilly :)

So drop Kris a text and tell him Happy Birthday! He is just the best husband ever and I love him to pieces!

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