Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And MORE photos!

Our fun day at Snowbird! We had the best day and had yummy cheeseburgers for lunch, ahhh the good ol days.

So the alpine slide was so fun, but Kris fell off! Ouch! We both started off full speed ahead, and then I didn't see him next to me until after I had gotten to the bottom. The poor guy had tipped his car and had a nasty scrape on the elbow. Poor thing, but. . . I DID win . . . .

The bungee tramp you'll see some pics of. They attach you to a harness with bungee cords on either side and gift you a bit of a lift while you jump on a huge trampline. It is great fun, and they give you 5 minutes to jump, which may not sound like a lot of time, but once you start doing backflips, it is a LOOOONG 5 minutes. I think I pinched a nerve in my spine though, I am getting OLD!

The zip line? Also great. I was hoping for a zip line you hold onto for dear life, but guess that would have been too much of liability. They have you sit in this little sling while you go down, so still cool, but not dangerous!

We had a great time, and hopefully we can find time to take another family vacation again soon, we like to party!

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Tabitha said...

SUPER cute pics! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys had a great time!