Monday, July 20, 2009

Just some old stuff. . . .

I only have a few quick minutes before I head off to meet a new sister on my new VT route, I am so excited! Marin this past week has been exHAUSTED! She has been taking long 3 hour naps and has been sleepy in between (which, by the way, translates into cranky), eating just nibbles for her meals. I think she is going through a growth spurt, and gearing up for the big walk all by herself! She is so close! Marin's favorite words to say lately have been dog, kitty, and daddy and of course uh-oh. She has really gotten into putting things inside something else, like her toy barn, she likes to pt the animals inside and shut the door and open in up and take them out again.

Ok, I have to run, I know it's not much, but I'll post more this week. These pics are a recap of Kris's birthday.

Marin eating dinner on the way up to Salt Lake last week.

Our delicious dinner of Pan seared lobster roast with roasted figerling potatoes, salsa verde and spicy tomato relish, and cilantro rice, complete with sparkling peach juice.

Marin wanted some cake...

I felt a little bad about not making a cake for Kris this year and making creme brulee, so I just bought a little piec of cake from Smith's so Kris sould at least blow out candles.
Marin getting into my tupperware.

Morning playtime in her jammies.

With her books from the library, she looooves books!

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