Thursday, July 30, 2009

I do not want them, mom-I-am! I do not want to eat my yams!

Mmmmm, some days are just not happy-high-chair eating days. I think maybe it's been so hot out, that she hasn't been very interested in eating, I have had to force feed a few bites here and there (Hey! I don't LIKE doing it!). But, I suppose we'll make it :)

AND. . . .! I now having a running vehicle again! Kris called me from work to walk me through changing the battery, and I was doing ok, until I hit a bolt that I just couldn't loosen. It was waaaaay at the bottom and none of the tools would fit. So, the sweet, loving, wonderful husband that I have, came home on his lunch break and changed my battery in his dress pants and tie. I love my hunny so much, he is a great husband and he is so dedicated to his family and I am such a lucky lady :)

I was really excited for dinner tonight, an old friend from insitute was heading down from Salt Lake for a conference here and he was going to have dinner with us. He told me he wasn't going to make it, and now I am totally bummed! But, instead, I invited some friends from the ward over with their little baby, so that will be fun. We are having steak sandwiches, broccoli gratin, salad and for dessert. . . homemade NY cheesecake with a cherry reduction sauce. Mmmmmmm!

Ok, I need to hit the showers. I did my 2 miles this morning with interval speed increases for the last 3/4 mile, and as tough as it was, I feel really good right now! But I am SWEATY and GROSS!

Oh, and I think my parents will be coming out sometime in September, maybe for Labor Day. It will still be hot, but at least not as hot as it is in August, when they have come out for the last 2 years. But, if my mother can conquer her fear of ticket-buying-commitment, maybe we'll see them!

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