Monday, July 6, 2009

Coming Up!

I am SO excited for this week! I know it's not like a TON of crazy stuff is happening, but our run of the mill routine is going to be shaken up a bit, so I am reeeeally excited for that! Friday is Kris's birthday, he will be 29! Holy cow! I can't believe I am married to a guy that is almost 30! Although I work on Friday, I am not working Saturday (I already worked yesterday), so that means fun and games for us! I'll be hanging out with baby most of the day, but Kris will (hopefully) have a great time :) Saturday evening we'll be heading up to Salt Lake for the weekend. I'm hoping Sunday we'll be able to take some family photos, I'm not sure where, but I'm sure we'll find some lovely parks or something, I am VERY excited to have some updated family pics, the first we've taken sine Marin was 6 weeks. If we're lucky, Kris and I might be able to steal away for a night to ourselves if Trine is willing to watch the little one for a night. It has been a LONG time since we have been able to be by ourselves :)

My weekend was LONG! Man, I remember now why I do NOT work full time! 3 days in a row is exhausting! Plus, I missed my family! Friday I was in NICU, we won't go there. But Saturday and Sunday I was back in my home unit, and I had a GREAT run of patients. Ah, SUCH a pleasure. I love working pediatrics, it really is so fun for me, and so rewarding. You might think it's sad working with sick kids, but they can change in a second and get better in no time, and I LOVE being able to see the progress and help "fix" them :) I have found my cup of tea!

I did miss going to church on Sunday with my family :( Kris and Marin had a great time through the weekend though. Friday Kris didn't work because of the holiday, and he took baby to Mt. Charleston to go rock climbing. So, Marin had a crash course in that :) Saturday they went to the park and played in the water section, Marin LOVED that. We actually took her to the pool Thursday night, and it was sooo funnny! She was a splasing FOOL! Quite a bit different from when we took her a few months ago, she just thought it was nice and relaxing then. NOW, it is a big fun tub of water to splash in!

Her two front teeth are now very visible, and SHARP! Poor girl fell and bit her tongue in the bathtub last night and was bleeding :( But, they have a little ways to go before they are in completely.

Marin has been showing us her balancing skills. She will stand for quite some time on her own now. When we help her walk and let her go, she'll just stand there in the middle of the room, and it is so strange to see a baby standing up with a big 'ol head and little legs. She is still pretty top heavy though! I can't believe she will be walking soon! CRAZY!

Ok, I need to start the day, Picture time!

Marin last night standing up by herself, such a big girl!
And thank YOU. . . Marin. She pulled all her diapers out, what a big help!

The next few pics from Kris's phone, so they are a little fuzzy. Marin enjoying the water-spray at the park.

I can reach it daddy, I can reach it. . . . almost!

Mmmmmm, can't beat the taste of water-park water.

Taking everything in. . .

Don't have a heart attack dad! Marin rock climbing with daddy.

She had such a great time hanging out on the rocks.
Our friend Jamie took this pic, Marin was watching daddy up on the wall.

Have a great day everyone!

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