Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Puff pastry is one of those things that I see people cooking with all the time, but I never try it out, so I have all these different ways I can use it, but never try them out. Well last night I did. I put together a mixture of ground turkey sausage, sauteed japanese eggplant, parmesean, fontina, mozzarella, marinara sauce, and angel hair pasta. Then I put the mixture into a puff pastry lined springform pan, baked it for an hour, and VOILA! It came out looking amazing! Nothing gives you a great wow factor like puff pastry I guess. And it tasted pretty dang delicious too. Take a look:

Fresh out of the oven, cooled for 10 minutes.
Sliced into for a perfect piece of deliciusness.

Our little Marin has been such a . . . crank-pot! Ugh! Since Sunday she has been sleepy all the time which is fine, but she wakes up crying from her nap and wakes up crying in the morning and wakes up in the middle of the night and cries. She only eats a few bites of her food before she pushes her food away and won't eat anymore. I just don't know what to do with her! I'm not sure if she is teething again, or if she is just going through a growth spurt. I hope it's temporary though, I am not used to having a cranky baby!

Ooh, I must say, my body hurts from the gym yesterday! I LOVE that feeling. I went running on the treadmill, but don't get me wrong, when I run, it is the slowest run EVER! It's the only way I'll go longer than 2 minutes, I actually suprised myself and went for 20 minutes! I am very proud of that! Then I got on some machines and did some "chin-up" work, and boy I feel that in my arms! I always love how I feel the day after I work out, sore and thin and my muscles feel tight, best feeling ever :)

I have been experimenting a lot with some healthier food alternatives. I figure I am never going to lose the weight if I don't have things I will eat around the house. So I've started buying ground turkey and turkey sausage, gluten free crackers, low fat cheeses, lentils (still working on that one!), whole wheat pasta, and a TON more fruits and veggies of course. It still is a challenge because I have to get my body used to NOT being hungry all the time from either being pregnant or nursing (Marin is down to twice a day now!), so my stomach is adjusting. I know I can do this!

Marin eating some blueberries yesterday, she LOVES blueberries, plus they are in season now, so they are cheaper.

I have my friend Emily coming over today for a playdate, I'm so excited! So I need to go get ready!

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