Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Invitations and Car Batteries

What do you do with a lovely, HOT morning and no working car? You install your own car battery, that's what! I was hoping my car would start yesterday for me so I could go to Wal Mart and buy a battery, no luck though. So Kris bought a battery on the way home from class last night, and he'll call me today and talk me through how to change it. Hmmm, I guess we'll see how that goes!

I always like Wednesday mornings. Kris doesn't go into work until 10 (although he works until 7), but that gives us a morning to hang out and have breakfast and actually wake up before we start our day. This morning I made some blueberry pancakes, one of Marin's favorites! She LOVES blueberry pancakes, and she gobbled down a whole pancake and then a few bites of mommy's pancake. Hungry girl!

So, Marin's bedroom has two windows, and they face east, so her room, even with the shades pulled, gets nice and bright in the morning. I have been meaning to put something up, but in an effort to get a chance to sleep in this morning, I kind of did a quick hang up drape job last night. I had this big chocolate brown drape from our apartment that I had sewed with a friends machine. I had initally used it as a light-keeper-outer between the bathroom and the bedroom, but I don't use it now. So. . . I hung it up over the windows last night, and her room this morning was DARK! Marin is an early riser, and is typically up at 7 am (blah), but this morning, she slept until 8:30! We were some happy parents to get a few extra minutes of sleep :)

I have finally finished Marin's birthday party invitations, and had I had a working car yesterday, I would have mailed them out, but I am hoping I can do it today, I just need to get some postcard stamps. I took a picture of very step in the process, so you can see what I did, I had lots of fun, I love that kind of stuff :)

I have found that I need some running sneakers. I have some great cross training sneakers that I bought a few months back, and they have been great for what I have been doing so far, stair stepper, weights, bike, etc. . ., but now that I am exclusively running, it's not the right fit. I actually got blisters on my feet (but I finished my 2 miles!). So, at some point, I need to get some runnin' shoes!

OK! Picture Time!

Marin enjoying her blueberry pancakes this morning, YUM!

Marin's new toy, it shoots little plastic balls out of the center and up into the air, and then when they fall, they may or may not land in the catcher part to roll back down for another pass up the chute. She loves to sit there and watch the balls fly up and try to catch them, and when the music stops, she knows to push the button so it will start all over again. She is so funny! She'll take a ball and roll it down the floorand chase after it squeeling the whole way, she is so cute!

Look at me! Well, my hand at least, I'm cleaning the battery terminals in my car.

The battery terminals after I sprayed soe cleaning stuff on them, looks gross huh!

The start of my invites, I printed off the template and personalized them, then made copies. . .
. . . all cut out. . .

cutting the backing out of yellow paper

taping the backing to the back of the invite

All of them are taped on!

Addressed and cute little white daisy stickers finish the invitation off. They a soooo cute!

Up close of the front and the back. Postcard stamps are cheaper, so that's why I wanted a postcard. Hopefully they won't have any trouble with them at the post office!

Ok, I need to get ready and moving, today is really slipping by! Have a great one guys :)

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