Monday, August 3, 2009

100 Dollar Buy-In

100 dollars can buy you a lot. Some great shoes, a lot of gumballs, a couple of massages. 100 dollars can also buy you some incentive and a shot at a ticket to Par-eeeee (Paris!). Let me 'splain! At work, a bunch of us decided to lose some weight, and if you wanted to participate, the buy in was 100 dollars. At the end of 12 weeks, we all weigh in, and whoever loses the most percentage of weight, takes the pot, that's right, the whole thing! And considering there are at least 5 or 6 people partcipating, that's 5 or 600 dollars! Sweet! My goal is 25 pounds, and since I know I am not the largest in the group, I do have a slight advantage. I have 11 and 5/7 weeks and 24 pounds to go! It will be GREAT incentive to not only lose the weight, but to get that money for our Paris trip! Every time I see something that I shouldn't eat, I think to myself, "Do I want to eat it, or do I want to go to Paris?" Paris wins every time so far :) So, I will be updating you all periodically on what I've lost, and I am determined to WIN! Let's do it!

Ahh, my little Marin is napping and she was really needing that nap. She just keeps going and going and going and going, geez louise! I have a hard time keeping up! Marin has just barely started to put words together, she only does a couple, but it is the sweetest thing. The cat was sitting on the floor the other day and she crawled over and put her cheek on the floor to look at the cat with her bum in the air and said "Hi Keeey!" (Hi kitty), it was the sweetest thing! After we say family prayer in her room at night, daddy leaves and Marin waves and says "Hi Daaa!". Such a sweet girl, I can't believe how fast she is growing. She also has learned to find mommy's nose! I'll ask her where mommy's nose is and she points and touches my nose, such a smart girl. We also have been working on farm animals, I'll hold and say the name of two toy animals and set them down and ask her to find the *blank* and she picks it up to give it to mommy. She helps mommy put the mail key in the bowl and likes to put nesting boxes together (with some help). She will one in a few weeks and we need to get ready for her party! I've mailed the invitations out and now I need to find some decorations, plan the food and figure out how to decorate a birthday cake, oh! and get some decorating stuff for it.

Ok, I need a shower, I am still sweaty from the gym. 2 miles with a 0.15 mile warm up at 5.0 mph with interval increases up to 6.0 mph, done in 23 minutes. TOUGH! But, getting there! 'll try and load some pics later :)

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