Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ooh Ahh, just a little bit!

It starts with just a little bit! Of weight! I am down almost 2 pounds since last Saturday and it is sooo encouraging! I have been trying so hard to be good and get to the gym every day and I can't tell you how great it is to see some results on the scale. I have been experimenting a bit in the kitchen to try and find some tasty and different healthy options, and I made the most delicious meal with lentils the other day. I know you won't believe me, those poor little lentils have such a bad rap and no one wants to experiment with the sad bean, but he can really be yummy. Plus, they are packed with fiber and vitamins, and they will fill you until dinnertime, guaranteed! Just look on the sidebar for my recipe :)

Well, I have a policy meeting tonight, so I can't stay long and chat. I need to type up an agenda and then I need to find someone to watch the little girl for Friday and half of Saturday. Our usual babysitters are out of town and unfortunately, Kris has to work half a day on Saturday (don't start). I think maybe I can snag one of the young women to watch Marin for a few hours on Saturday, but Friday I still don't know.

As much as I love my job, I know that my place is at home with my little girl. Especially now that Kris is hardly ever home, I really would like to be able to spend that little time that he does have, with him and our little girl. I struggle with still wanting to contribute to our family financially and having that responsibility, and also feeling a little guilty about leaving our little girl with someone else, even if it is just once a week. I DO think it's good for her to be with someone else and then to have her daddy day. I guess I'm just jabbering here. I love my family and I want the best for them, as every mommy does :)

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Tabitha said...

Has dad ever told you about mom's lentil burgers? ;-)