Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Big Dipper

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The nighttime weather has been mercifully cool here in Vegas now, and it is just delightful. Kris and I have gone out for a walk in our complex the last couple of nights, just for a few minutes of non-TV time together. Well, living in Las Vegas, you're not really standing a good chance of seeing the stars in their glory, only the brightest ones can shine through the glow of the city lights. So last night, as Kris and I were walking, I pointed out the Big Dipper. I take great pride in being able to find the Big Dipper as the Big Dipper is the only constellation that I can ever find. Kris has tried to point out where the Little Dipper is, and some of the other "characters" in the sky, and every time, I look up, staring at the mass of stars in the sky, and scrunch my face up in confusion. I can NEVER see anthything besides the Big Dipper. So, while picking out cconstellations is not my gift, by golly, my children will be able to find the Big Dipper, thanks to mommy :)
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Alison said...

That's 'cause your Dad showed all you kids where the Big Dipper was and how to find the little dipper using the big dipper! Now you can teach it to Marin.