Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hello, my name is Samantha, and I am a try-to-have-curly-hair-sometimes-aholic.

I have stick straight hair. Growing up, it was even worse, it hung on my head without a single kink or wisp of volume in it to be had. I would try to curl it, but the curls would fall flat after about 20 minutes. Now, although it will hold curl if I curl it and spray the daylights out of it with hairspray, it is still. . . .straight. No natural curl here. I admit it though, I try to make my hair find some natural curl sometimes. I wet it and mousse it and blowdry it and spray it, all in hopes that miraculously, I will flip my head back over to find a luscious plume of naturally wavy, sexy hair. And every time, it flops. I flip my head over to find a fluffy, and curly in all the wrong places mass of hair. Ahhh well, straight hair is nice I suppose. I once tried a perm, boy was THAT a bad idea, blech! It was a permanent version of what I tried to do this morning.

Picture Time!

Last night Marin was clinging to my legs as I was trying to cook dinner, so I sat her down with an empty jam jar and some limes and she sat there for 20 minutes just putting them in and putting the lid on, then taking the lid off and pulling them out. It was GREAT!
Putting it back in!

Such a good time guys!

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