Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tourist for a Day!

These last few Saturdays have been wonderful! Today I was called off from work and we got to spend the day together as a family, one of my favorite things :) One of the nice things about living in Las Vegas is all the tourist attractions (also could be considered annoying I guess), but today we took advantage of this and spent the day as tourists! We went to the Bellagio atrium to see their display. If you haven't been to the Bellagio before, they change up their atrium every 3 months or so, and every time, it is GORgeous! They have different themes every time, and this time around, it was still the summer theme. They had a giant ferris wheel and beautiful fresh flowers everywhere, some cool water displays and a live bird display, and the best part about it, is that it's FREE! Marin had lots of fun taking in the sights and looking pretty for the other vistors. We even had a couple request to take a shot with Marin in it!

Here are some pictures from our adventure today!

The entrance to the Atrium, that's the ferris wheel on the right, you can see the big hot air balloons in the background, and the roof of the bird display under them.

Believe it or not, what Marin is reaching for is not a metal bar, it's a stream of water! They shoot out in very solid, fluid spurts, almost looking like flying worms!

Marin and mommy looking at some giant watering cans sprinkling water into the flowers.

I love this picture, she is so cute!

Marin looking at at giant ladybug made of red carnations. She toddled all around next to the ladybug, she had some fun.

A close-up of some lovely blue hydrangeas on display.

Marin and daddy.

A great family photo, we had a great time :)

Daddy and Marin looking at some other birds at PetSmart, we looked at the kitties and fishies too!

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