Friday, August 21, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

Happy Birthday Marin! Our little girl is one year old this morning and I cannot believe it! What a wonderful year it has been, full of laughter and tears and smiles and aches and pains and kisses and snuggles. I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have loved every minute of being a mother, and I know now why it's the best job ever (next to being a wife). Today is going to be a busy day though! Once Marin wakes up from her nap, we'll be heading to the gym so mama can pound out her (now) 2.75 miles! (I am sooo proud of myself!). Then we come home, shower, lunch, make birthday cakes for the party tomorrow and buy sandwich stuff and get it all ready before daddy comes home from work. I have been debating about how to (try to) decorate Marin's cake, and I think I'll just put some ladybugs on it :) That's her theme anyway, so we might as well stick with it!

I posted some pics from my phone from when Marin was born through today, kind of a little recap through the year. I'll be posting some pics from her party tomorrow soon enough. I know not everyone can make it, but we know you are here in heart! And we miss you! Marin has lots of kisses for you all!

(top) Marin's very first photo in the hospital after she was born. This was the announcement photo we text to our family and friends. Her little pajama outfit I had been waiting sooo long to put on!

(bottom) A few weeks old and taking a nap in mommy and daddy's bed, she looked so sweet!

3 or 4 months old, sporting her sunglasses.

6 months old in the cutest dress ever, I loved this dress, but she could only wear it for a few weeks before she grew out if it! :( And look at how bald she is! I guess blonde babies look even balder when they lose their hair.

7 months old at the park with mommy, I love this pic.
10 months old at the LensCrafters picking out some glasses with mommy. Marin tried on some glasses too, and these ones are the Harry Potter-ish frames, she thought it was funny.

Last Saturday, I was on standby for work and we all went rock climbing at Mt. Charleston with some friends. Marin was EX-hausted and she fell asleep in the carrier on the hike down, it was soo funny, her head was bobbing all over the place. Actually, we have since bought a new child carrier for her, she has waaaay outgrown this one.

And, this morning, her birthday. My sweet baby with her bedhead hair. 1 year old!
And, some fun news! For an anniversary gift, I bought a ticket to NY! I will heading out for almost 2 weeks in October, and it will be so great! I haven't been back since May 2008, and that time of year will be perfect! I'll get a nice break from the dry desert air. Kris, during that time, has Jeep trip with his dad, and I know he is really excited about it. Marin is still a bit too small to go, maybe next year though :) Plus, I am old enough to rent my very own car now! Yessss! who knew there were perks to being 25!
Ok, off to get the day moving! Have a good one!

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Osthedbladet said...

Happy Birthday Marin - hope it was a great day. It was so fun to spend time with you when you visited in July. A real cutie you are.