Friday, August 28, 2009

Dirrrty Vegas

So, besides for the morally unclean paraphenalia that collects in the deespest, dingy-est corners of the trashiest side of town, I have figured out why they call it "Dirty Vegas". It's because it NEVER RAINS!! I was sitting eating lunch today looking outside at two drivers who passed evil stares and choice words with each other in passing, and realized that maybe the sunniest place in the USA may just be, well, too sunny! There is something so calming and cleansing about rain, and so many cities throughout the world participate in the ritualistic cleaning that old Mother Earth continues to give. Las Vegas seems to have been forgotten, however. The sunshine, as delicious as it is on most days, seems to max out on day 345 of 365 and almost has a. . . tense, caffeine-buzz, if you will, effect on people. Must do more, get more, drive faster, say meaner things, etc.. for the sun is out and we must get things DONE! We need a little rain to calm our poor souls down and just stay put and . . . breathe! We need a little more rain to make Dirty Vegas, maybe a little cleaner, you know, wash a bit of dust off of our withered and cracked cars, moisten our lungs and breathe some life into our. . . lives. Blast that sunshine. Long live rain!

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