Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Weekend Fun

(Deep breath in. . .and out . . . ) ahhhhhhhh. :) What a weekend, phew! As fun as it was, I am glad that we can get back to our regular routine. I worked Wednesday (well, standby) and Thursday, and Friday was my prep day. I spent most of the day working on Marin's birthday cake, and that in itself was an adventure! I found a "healthier" first birthday cake (white) and made that, and then I made some chocolate cream cheese frosting (boy, was that good!) and then I made ended up decorating it with green vines, orange flowers and red ladybugs. It turned out sooooo cute! I amazed even myself! I am no professional when it comes to cakes, and although I couldn't make fancy flowers, the cake showed my creativity and looked like it came from a pastry shop! I did make a cake for everyone else too, but I ended up buying one anyway. I kept telling myself I should have used a box mix, but I made one from scratch in a hurry, and it showed. It was sooo dry, blech! Smith's to the rescue for that one! Friday night we had an impromptu guest, Kris's cousin Jeff drove down from Salt Lake to be with us and we had a late roasted chicken dinner at 9:30 Friday night (I was scrambling to throw something together). By the time we went to bed at 1am, I was stressed and not the best host, so Saturday morning Kris got up early and mopped the floors and took the dog to the daycare. I woke up at 8:30 and jumped out of bed, I didn't know it was so late!

The party was a really fun success, we had about 8 people come with their kiddo's and it was the perfect amount of time for first birthday party, from 11-1. I made my great chicken sandwiches and some caprese crostini and everyone brought a little dish to pass (SUCH a good idea!). We ate and then opened gifts and then Marin dove into her carefully made cake, suprisingly very daintily at first. She started by picking off the ladybugs and flowers and eating those first. So funny. Everyone went home except for uncle bunny (BJ!) and cassie and jeff, and we hung out and played games while Marin napped. After she woke up we went to dinner and it was just a great weekend, very wonderful.

As a quick side-note, Marin is weaned, and I have been an absolute mess. I told Kris that it has been like dying a slow death. Not just because of the physical discomfort, but the emotional aspect has been horrendous. I have cried so many times these last few days, I feel so bad for Kris. He has been a great support to me, and I couldn't do this without him!

So today, we need to head off and buy more fruits and veggies, we really fly through them now, and a few other things. Well, I hope every has had a great weekend, I've posted a slideshow because there we so many photos. A lot of them sadly turned out fuzzy, and arent' the most flattering of myself. Oh well. Oh! And I have lost a solid 5 pounds, plus the 2 or 3 wishy washy pounds! The other Sunday, I fit into one of my pre-pregnancy dresses and I felt like I was on top of the world, sooo nice. It's been tough, but worth it! Yay!

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Alison said...

Really beautiful cake Samantha. You did a great job.