Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Step Lightly Before Running, My Love.

It's official! Marin has taken her first solo steps! Last night Kris and I were enticing her with. . . of all things. . . a dog toy, and after she realized mommy wouldn't let her sit down and crawl over to it, she took 4 steps all by herself before landing on her bum. Ahhh! I can't believe it! She is growing up so fast! Pretty soon she'll be racing around the house and demanding pretty new shoes! One step at a time, right? She has been growing each day and has some fun new skills: She can stack one block on top of another block, she likes to throw a ball to daddy and have him roll it back to her, she likes to put shapes into matching cutouts (with a little help), she likes to read to mommy from her books, she also can throw temper tantrums and toss her head back and go limp when she doesn't want to do something. Such a big girl.

Our home is just as busy as ever. Kristoffer is still plugging away with work and school. They have been implementing some stuff at work, and he has been having to go in on some Saturdays now, which makes one un-happy, over stressed husband, a ticked off and angry (at work) wife, and a scramble to find someone to watch Marin. There has to be some kind of law against that. . . Anyway, school for him is going, and going and going. He is finishing up his business law class and BOTH of us are so releived. It has been a crazy class and Kris has been stuck in the spare bedroom doing homework ALL the time. I miss my husband :( But, one more week, and it'll be on to the next class.

Running has now become PAINFUL! Ouch! I think I have shin splints, or something of that nature. I know it't not my muscles that hurt, they have gotten used to the running, but there is some pain that's just not going away in my lower legs. But, I am up to 2.5 miles now!

Ok, Marin is up and we need to head to the gym!

Marin grabbing at kitty this morning.

Here she comes!

Off to find the dog water.

Ah HA! There's the kitty, let's go get her!

On a mission!

Happy Baby :)

HAve a good one!

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