Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Deck the halls with. . . 3 decorations?

Well, now that it's after Thanksgiving, we can break out the Christmas decorations, all 3 of them! We really haven't had much of a chance to stockpile decorations, so we have a sparkly few fronds of leaves, a little tree of cranberries, and a wreath. We haven't bought a tree yet, so tonight I suggested we put up or decorations, and it took a whopping 5 minutes! So sad I know. Before I know it, I'm sure I'll have boxes of homemade ornaments from my little Marin monkey :) I think everyone's Christmas this year is going to be a little more sparse than years before, but I'm really lucky to be getting a HUGE gift! I am sooo excited to fly to Atlanta to see my family :) It's been a while too!

The other day Kris and I went to the gym, and I hopped on the treadmill like a good needing-to-lose-weight mamma. This time I only went for about 2 miles, and I had to stop. My lungs felt a little tight, I've been slightly sick lately, but I'm almost to where I used to be though! Speaking of sick, I think Marin caught something (fish? no icky cold germs, silly!), and gave it to me. She's had a runny nose for about a week, I've had a scratchy throat and runny nose for 5 days, and then I felt better last night, just in time for Kris to start feeling sick, and make me feel sick again today. Now I know what it's like to be given the "run around" in a sense.

Work has been going a little bit better, I think. Being a mom certainly has changed my perspective working with all the kidlets, and dealing with their parents too! Usually dealing with parents is the most challening part of working on a pediatrics floor. I have soooo much more sympathy for these parents, I think about Marin if she were in that same situation, and it makes me TOTALLY feel their pain! The other night I took a 5 month old babe from the O.R. who had some pre-existing conditions anyway, and just being in the room hooking up his monitors and leads and checking all his tubes and etc., I asked his mom how in the world she was staying so calm, and she said you just take it one moment at a time. There was a point when the little guy woke up and realized he was hurting, and was just screaming, and I almost wanted to cry because I wanted to put him in his mama's arms so he could cuddle! I am definately a big softie/crybaby now!

Ok, picture time!

One of our 3 decorations, our wreath on the front door!

Oh! Hey! Remember how I told you Kris and I made vision boards? You put pictures and phrases of or about things you love or want to achieve. Well, here is Kris's.
And this is MY vision board!

Ahh, or cute Abominable Snow Baby! She LOOOVES this sweater. More specifically, she likes to lick the fuzzy collar. It's all gross and matted where her tongue can reach it, ewww.

This one is funny. I didn't take the flash off, and it's just a big blur of white confusion and some big blue eyes in the middle :)

Daddy took Marin for a walk around the coplex tonight to look at the Christmas lights, she really likes the flashing ones!

Here she is sitting in her walker thingy. It looks like she has hair in this picture (nay, don't be decieved, she's still losing it!)
Not sure if you can see, but in the next two pics, you might be able to catch a glimpse of a little bit of fuzz forming a new hairline. When she was born, it was a straight hariline, like Kris's, but it' growing into more of a widow's peak, like mine. And the hair that IS growing in, is blonde blonde blonde!
Yesterday she had a bow on her head, and she was playing in the walker, and pulled it over her face, silly girl!

That's all for now!

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