Thursday, December 25, 2008


Oh good grief! We're back! Last night we flew back from Atlanta, after a week of visiting family out there. The flight out was. . . ok. Marin was fussy on the descent into Atlanta, even though I tried nursing her, her ears were still hurting her. Poor babe. Atlant was sooo muggy when we first got there, and warm too! We had to turn the fan on the first few nights. Jonathan worked the evening shift, but we all hung out after he got home and stayed up late. I made dinner a few times ( I can't help myself! I just like to cook!) and we went and hung out with Tabitha and Ben, and played Rock Band! That was fun! Marin got to see her cousins for the first time, and Kris and I got to see family we haven't seen since our wedding almost 2 1/2 years ago! My parents came On Sunday, and we spent a bunch of time together as a family. You'll be able to see more of what we did if you look at the pictures :) So much went on, it's almost a blur! We were sooooo busy all the time! I seriously can hardly remember the things we did, but I sure do know we had LOADS of fun being with everyone. Jonathan and Austin were kind enough to let us stay with them, and it was so nice to have late night conversations about random stuff. One night we all played poker, with buttons for chips. Kris taught me how to play, and I think it was beginners luck, because I absolutely raked in the buttons!

It was so hard to leave, but coming home has it advantages too. Poor Marin had almost every one of hr naps out in Atlanta, disturbed, just because we were always going somehwere! Today, our first day back, she has taken 3 naps, her last one was 2 1/2 hours! Tomorrow is off to work for me, and then Monday, Kris starts his new job! Hooray! I am so excited, but I can tell he's a little nervous. He'll be great though, he always does a great job no matter what it is.

Here is the link for the pictures:

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Scooter & Emi said...

LOVED the pictures!!!!! I'm just loading my pictures from the last couple of weeks now. :) I'm working on Tabitha to post the code stuff for family pictures!! :D