Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the other one said, "Roll Over! Roll Over!"

Today was a fun day! Marin actually rolled over! About 6 weeks ago she had been trying really hard to roll over from her back to her front, and then I think she got frustrated because she couldn't do it, so she stopped trying. Then we tried getting her to roll from her front to her back, but she generally hates tummy time, so it's been challenging. Today, right after she got up from her nap, I put her on the bed in the guest bedroom on her belly, and she rolled to her back 4 times! Hooray! I was getting a little nervous because she hadn't done it yet, but I am SOOO relieved. I think she tired herself out, because she didn't want to do it a fifth time :)

Tomorrow I work, and Kris and I have been absolutely SCRAMBLING to find someone to watch Marin. I had tried calling someone to cover for me or switch days with me at work, no luck, calling the few people I know from church, no luck. Finally I tried our friends we thought were out of town, and score! They are IN town:) Marin will be hanging out with them tomorrow, and maybe a friend from the ward on Friday.

With the new year coming up, I need to start thinking about some New Years Resolutions! One of them spawns from a lesson in Relief Society this past Sunday on temple attendance. Kris and I need to go to the temple more often. Having a baby disrupts SO much of your life, in every aspect, and that includes all the important stuff, including prayer, scipture study, temple attendance, occcasionally going to church. Trust me, unless you have a kid, you just don't know. No matter HOW organized you pride yourself in being. Anyway, the lesson talked about how so many people make HUGE sacrifices to go to the temple, like eating only one meal a day to save enough money to travel to the temple, and selling their belongings to go the temple. You know, all the stories we've heard before. But then the bishops wife commented that her brother, and a certain couple from the ward would go to the temple, and one spouse would sit outside in the parking lot with the kids, while the other would do a session, and sometimes, they would even switch so BOTH could do sessions! My mouth just dropped. It's hard enough to send Kris off to work, but to be without the extra help for another 2 hours is even harder. I know we could use the blessings, so next year (in a whole 2 days!) we will be going to the temple a whole lot more. Besides, I don't want to be held responsible for all those people I could have done work for, but didn't. So, I will post some of our resoutions for next year when we make them :)

Picture Time!

Marin just a chewin' on her fingers!

Such a sweet picture. Her hair is getting longer and I keep going back and forth as to what color it is! Some days it looks super blonde, and then in this picture, it looks brown! But, at least there is hair!

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Scooter & Emi said...

I'm all caught up!! Your blog seriously cracks me up. ;D

* Congrats on your new calling! You already know you'll love it. ;)

* How was Kris' first day???? I'm anxious to hear all about it!

* Love the new black jacket. I saved the first of the two pictures and when I do that, I get a close-up so I get the bigger picture, right? Well. I saw his face right up close, and... I think he kinda likes YOU, too!!! lol

* Hurray for rolling over! She's not behind! You keep saying that to yourself! Observant babies take longer to do everything because they're so busy studying everything!! It's a choice! :)

Love you!