Sunday, December 28, 2008

Taken by surprise

Well paint me green and call me a turtle! I have a new calling! That little meeting at church today was slyly disguised as a you're-most-likely-speaking-in-sacrament-meeting-next-week meeting, but it came with a pop question! I was asked to accept a calling as the Mia Maid advisor in Young Womens :) Of course I accepted (I'd better or else Austin will think I didn't hear her lesson last week) and I am super excited. I LOVE the YW. They are soooo fun. And, I think that Mia Maids are my favorite. They are just the right age. Beehives are a little young and don't quite get all my silly and sometimes sarcastic rhetoric, Laurels are a bit too old and are waaay too interested in guys and what they're going to do after high school (as they should be!). Mia Maids are a pleasant mix in the middle, young enough to think I'm super cool, and old enough to get my jokes ;) It does make me wonder though, getting this calling. This is the third time I have been called to YW! In NY, I was the 1st counselor (with my fun little Mia Maids), at our first ward here in LV, I was the YW secretary, and now, an advisor. So, It kinda makes me wonder if there is some lesson I'm supposed to learn by being with the YW, and I'm just totally NOT getting it, OR, I am totally ROCK with the YW. Most likely a combination of both? Maybe? Anyway, wish me luck!

Tomorrow is Kris's first day at his new job! I am SO excited! I know he's excited too, but a little nervous, as everyone is for their first day. This week we have a bit of a shuffle to do. This is my last week I work on random days, and I work wednesday and friday, so I need to find someone to watch the munchkin, or else call in "sick", which I really don't want to do. After this week, I'll be working fridays and saturdays, which will meaan Kris can watch Marin on saturdays and our friends from our old ward will watch her on Fridays. In exchange, I'll watch their little girl on Wednesdays. Their schedule is even more hectic than ours. He goes to school full time, and works, and she works mon-thurs, so they have to drive their daughter to her mom's house 45" away, in ONE direction! I like to think we're helping them save on gas money by watching their baby while they do us a favor too :)

And, after having battled this nasty UTI, I think I have finally found redemption! I initially started taking cranberry supplements, which helped for a bit, but I don't think I took them long enough, because then my low back started hurting. ANY nurse with her wits about her knows what THAT means. . .unhappy kidneys. Yuck. I thought maybe I could tough it out until the beginning of January, you know, when we have insurance, that magical little life/bank account saving word. But they really started aching, and all I could picture were my poor little nephrons being strangled by gross, ruthless, snarling bacteria. So, I went to work with high hopes of batting my eyelashes for a script for antibiotics. Which I got :) One of the nurse practioners was super nice and wrote me a script. One more perk to be a nurse! I'm feeling better already.

Ok, Picture time!

Here is Marin getting some tunny time this morning. Austin taught me that babies do better and stay on their bellies longer if you prop them up on their boppy, so they can kind of see and play a little. It's worked great!

My cute young'un sticking out her tongue and mama.

Me and Monkey

It makes me laugh every time. Marin's little walker is pimped OUT! There is no shortage of things to look at here!

Marin getting a kiss from daddy.
Yeah, check out THIS hunk-a-burnin' love! I got Kris a nice black jacket for Christmas, and he wore it to church today. I think I was blushing ALL day, he looked soooo good ;)
Marin just loves her daddy, he always gets big smiles from her.

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