Friday, December 19, 2008

Don't break the soap!

Kris and I have this wierd game that we play in the shower. It's called don't break the soap. We see who the first one is to accidentally break the little sliver of soap that's leftover after you go through the rest of the bar. You would be surprised how difficult it is! There are some soaps that are bendy and conform to your contours, but there are other soaps that just crumble. And for it to be a valid break, it has break in half. Kris is really good at not breaking the soap. He wins a lot.

Anyway! We are here in Atlanta! Hooray! It has been so nice to just hang with family. My parents roll into town late late late Saturday night, so then we'll all be together. I am SOOOO glad Kris was able to fly out on the same flight with me. I was a little nervous to fly solo with monkey, and she was fussy on the descent into Atlanta, so it was nice to have some backup :) AND, can you believe?! 2 hours after our flight took off, they shut down the Las Vegas airport because of SNOW! AMAZING! Good thing I picked the super early bird flight that left at 7 AM I guess. The sky did look pretty cloudy and ready to snow right before we took off. The flight itself was pretty good. A direct flight and 3 hours and 10 minutes. Not bad!

Marin has been a litle sick lately. Monday I noticed she had a little dry cough, and I didn't see that she had a fever, but I gave her some Tylenol anyway and a nice warm bath and put the humidifer in her room that night. She woke up Tuesday and it had loosened up a little bit, but she was due for some shots at the doctors office that day, so I gave her some tylenol anyway. That night she was a little fussy. I put her to bed early right at 6 and kept the humidifer on. She woke up quite a few times that night, much to mama's dismay (because we had to be up at 3am to get ready) but I realized how thirsty I get when I'm sick, so, I think she was just needing some fluids. Her cough has loosened up quite a bit more, and i can hear her coughing up gunk, so I'm glad for that. She's still a bit more sleepy than usual.

I will have TONS of pictures when we get home, maybe I can down;oad some earlier if I can figure it out, but, we are off for the day!

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