Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Lyman Chronologues (I don't care if that's not a real word, I like the sound of it!)

Welcome to Saturday everyone! And now for:
The Lyman Chronologues

-June: Kristoffer and Samantha are matched on (thanks to her dad, by the way!)
-August: Kristoffer breaks up with his present girlfriend in Utah
-November: Samantha breaks up with her present boyfriend in New York
-December: We each spend our last Christmas as young, single bums.

-February: Kristoffer flies to New York to meet Samantha on the 17th (after he sent her a HUGE bouquet of flowers for Valentines Day at the hospital that earned her the stink eye from some jealously unhappy co-worker wives)
-March: Samantha flies to Salt Lake for Spring Break and shows off her spectacular skiing skills to Kristoffer. This little escapade resulted in a fashionable bright red windburn to the face, complete with the snow white raccoon eyes from the goggles for Samantha.
-April: Kristoffer moves to New York. A trip completed in an eye widening 2 days. Love crazy fool!
-May: Kristoffer and Samantha fly to Salt Lake (it was an expensive year, can you tell?) for his graduation from U of U. A nervous Kristoffer also takes a suspecting Samantha to the top of the highest peak at Snowbird, to offer her a sparkly piece of frosting, and a lifetime of love :)
-August: Kristoffer and Samantha are married in Cortland on the 17th (6 months to the day we met in person for the first time!), and depart on a super awesome honeymoon on a cruise to the Bahamas!
-September: Samantha starts her last (ridiculous) year of RN school.

-March: Kris and I go to Las Vegas for Spring Break! THAT was an experience, we ended up staying at a friends house, and witnessed the final days leading up to their divorce! Yuck! Then we moved all her stuff out of the house! Wow!
-May: Kris moves out to Las Vegas to start his new job, leaving his new wife all alone for 6 whole weeks! AHH! And, Samantha moves into her parents house, and packs up their apartment.
-July: We pack up the truck and haul one claustrophobic wife, an antsy kitty cat, and our entire life to Sin City. Wait, that sounds bad. We move to a wonderful adventure filled city. :)
-August: Kristoffer and Samantha are sealed in the Las Vegas Temple, forever.
-December: Samantha smells something fishy. . . and it makes her puke. Two absorbent sticks later tells us we're going to be parents! And the puking continues.

-February: After a meltdown in the shower, Samantha confesses she feels like she's been trapped in a cage, and wants to move! Kristoffer, being wonderful, makes it happen, and we move to the outskirts of the northside, into a HOUSE!
-April: Here come's belly! Aaaand. . . they tell us it's going to be a girl!
-May: A fun trip to New York. I got all the rain I missed living here in Las Vegas, and we showed my family a 3D ultrasound of their very active little granddaughter.
-August: Marin Elise Lyman joins our family, at 7#4 oz and 20 inches long, she is the most beautiful disproportionate screaming pooping bundle of joy either of us could ever love.
December: Samantha and baby Marin are going to take a trip to Georgia to see family!

Ok, picture time!

We bought a bunch of fun soft toys at DI, and put some on her walker thing. It makes it SOOOO much more colorful :)

Say Hi to the camera!

Just a little smile for everyone :)

This is a little random, but it was the rainbowful display of a CD reflection on the wall.
I put some new PJ's on Marin the other night. Super cute! And they are long sleeved, which is good, because she likes to sleep with her arms stretche waaayy out.
Here is Sadie playing with her catnip mouse last night.
Have a good weekend!

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