Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Rose, that is a lovely name, Happy Thanksgiving." (name the movie!)

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all! And if you can name the movie the above title is from, you win. . . .ummmm. . . .a nice wet kiss from our little girl? Ok, so the title isn't ver batum, but it's a short conversation, and it's funny :) This Thanksgiving, we took an impromptu trip to Salt Lake. I was a little hesitant to go because I had to work the day before and 2 days after, and I hate not having enough time with family. But, we drove up after I got out of work (at 7pm) and little girl was in bedtime zone so she slept pretty much the whole way. We went to Aunt Siri's house for dinner, and my contribution? A very super yummy authentic and rather out-of-the-ordinary-because-most-people-don't-think-to-make-it pecan pie. It was beautiful! I made it at Trine's before dinner, and the only thing I forgot to put in was the brown sugar! Yeah I know, I had JUST popped the pie in the oven, and Kris looked at the unopened bag of brown sugar and asked, "did you not need the brown sugar?". Oops! I whisked the pie out and decided to just sprinkle the sugar on top. And yes, it was super yummy and delicious.

And, this week was my first week back at work. Am I alive and sane? Yeah, can you believe it?! Not me! Leaving Marin for 14 hours with her (capable) dad just seemed an insurmountable task for a new mommy who is loving her new calling. I prepared my big bag that I usually take to work, but this time I had to stuff a bunch more toys in there. My breastpump with all the trimmings, the little lunchbag thing for the milk with the cold pack, a lunch to feed an army (I get hungry!) 2 liters of water (I can't tell you HOW gross the water is here in Las Vegas. I swear it has arsenic in it, it's gross! So, I bring my own filtered stuff), all my gear for work, (stethescope, scissors, pens, hemostats, chapstick, tape, random stuff), and a sweet note from my hunny. That bag weighed like, 40 pounds, I kid you not! It was soooooo heavy! I needed wheels to haul that sucker around! But, I should just start parking on the top level of the parking garage so I can do the stairs with my back breaking bag o' fun, that'll get my bum back into shape :)

Speaking of back into shape. . . I have been lamenting and whining to Kris for about 2 weeks that I have been in a slump and I hadn't been losing any more weight because I had stayed the same weight, even with all my exercise! So, I started to eat more salads, at least one a day (I've pretty much been on an everything-with-little-reservations-diet since Marin's been born. I lost my appetite BIG time nursing her, so anything was better than nothing). I think that's helped bunch. I stepped on the scale this morning, and had lost 3 pounds! Yay! I now have 12 pounds to my goal weight. It's been a lot harder to cook healthy food having a time consuming baby (any mom can attest to that). So while I LOVE to make healthy food and veggies, it just takes longer! Working on it!

Oh, and in FUN news. . . . guess who's coming to Atlanta! Marin and I (unfortunately sans Kris) will be making the trek before Christmas! We'll be heading back on Christmas eve though. We'll be together as a little family for Marin's first Christmas, plus, I work the day after Christmas, so I need to be home for both. I am excited to see my family and show off my little Marin monkey :)

And this is just funny. I'm laughing at my husband because he is looking through his sophomore year book, and seeing all these girls who signed it, and left their phone numbers, with a perplexing resounding message of "call me". He must not have understood what that meant, because he never called any of them! Silly boy! Number of girls looking for a date?:8. Number of dates?: ZERO! Number of lessons learned?: One freakin HUGE one. :)

Picture time!

Here's Marin this afternoon.
A little finger sucking time. She LOVES her fingers!

I am so sad! This is one more little outfit she is too big for! She wore it for the last time to church today. :(
This is adorable. She got some sunglasses at my baby shower, and I put them on her the other night, she looked like she was ready to try out for the air force! Cute girl!

Ready for action!

Ah! The remants of my pecan pie. Keep in mind there were 4 other pies and 3 other desserts there, so I was surprised this much was gone.

Oh, and our little niece has her own princess playroom down in the finished basement, it is soooo cool, I totally want one.

Kris is always the one the kids want to wrestle, he's just that much fun. They kept begging him to come wrestle during dinner, and this is our nephew Mattias getting what he asked for, a good tickle!
Marins' aunt Melodie!

A little smirk from our bald cutie.

This is Kris's bestamor (grandma in Norwegian) and she is Marins oldamor (great-grandmother), she's serving a mission in SLC.

Snuggle time with daddy! She loves her papa so much, it's wonderful to see your husband be a dad.
That's it for now!


Tabitha said...

Yay!!! You're coming?? You're really coming?? I'm so excited! Did you buy tickets yet? You must forward me all the info! Love you!

Scooter & Emi said...

Movie? You've Got Mail!

You're TOTALLY STAYING AT OUR HOUSE, right? :D We've got all of the baby equipment... I'll pull down the pack'n'play, the pack'n'play sheets, warm, clean blankets, wipe down the baby toys... oh, and BABY childproof the house.

:) It doesn't matter where you guys stay (with us!!) as long as I get to hold and play with that cute baby before her grandpa gets to her. :D Grandpa's going to have to fight off Scott and Emily too. They already love Marin--we look at her pictures regularly. :)