Thursday, December 11, 2008

Losing My Hair?

So, I was scheduled to work today, but, I'm just hanging out. Hospital is still a little slow :) We got back from our trip last night, and put a veeery sleepy little girl into bed. She ate at 8:00 pm and Kris got up with her at 4 am! She slept 8 hours! HOORAY! That is SUCH a good thing. I know it may not happen every night, but progress is progress, right?

And, I am losing my pregnancy hair! I've always had thick hair, but it grew in even thicker while I was growing little Marin monkey, and now it's coming out by the handful. I would be scared or freaked out that my hands look like a wookie after I run them through my hair in the shower, but it's still pretty shiney and voluminous :)

Ok, lots of pictures for you all!

This one is pretty cute, it's the little kitten at Duane and Sallies with the bum leg, she wa playing with Marin's jungle gym, it was sooooo cute!
Here's the kitty snuggling with Sallie!

Tada! Isn't she a cutie? Such pretty blue eyes :)

The "eyes" picture. Kitty was hanging out with me.
A minimal makeup mug.
My hunny found his saxaphone at dads. He kept telling me he played the saxaphone, and how good he was, and I had neven seen the sax, or heard him play one, so I told him I thought he was just full of it. But, he found it and played for me, and whaddo ya know! He really CAN play! It sounded great, but scared monkey, she got a big frown on her face and was ready to complain!

If you've never seen a sleepy baby face, get a good look! Here she is right before her nap.

Monkey getting a shoulder ride from daddy.
Here is that cute little dog Dizzy. Doesn't he have a face that just say's PLAY WITH ME!
Marin getting a snuggle from her grand-dad Duane.

Our very independent little girl. She loves nothing more than to stand and be right in the middle of it all.

One of Marin's favorite things is when you stick out your tongue while saying "blah", like you're puking. She thinks it is soooo funny and it always gets BIG smiles. Daddy is helping her make the face.

Daddy would flip her upsidown, and she'd open her mouth waaaay wide and stick her tongue out, it was really funny.

Have a good one everybody!

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Scooter & Emi said...

Very cute!! You really DID have cute pictures coming!

I remember losing my pregnancy hair... it's always such a relief, ha ha.

We're about ready for you! Jonathan was teasing me that I've gotten so much done so soon--the kids are sharing a room already, and "your" room is ready to be filled with beds, etc. :) I'm just so excited!!

Which reminds me--if you want to stay with your mom and dad after they arrive, please do--my feelings won't be hurt either way. :) We'd love to keep you, but know we have to share!! xoxo