Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Warning! Diaper Overload! Warning!

Ok, so, I will have some pics for you next post! Promise! I do have a lot, but not loaded on this computer.

We are up past Salt Lake near Brigham City right now with Duane and Sallie, Kris's dad and step mom. We came up Sunday night, and I have a few days off from work, so we thought we'd say hi. It's been so nice to have some little fluffy creatures to play with. They have the cutest dog named Dizzy, he's just soooo fun, with a little face that says "Pleeeeease play with me!!". Sallie rescued (from the needle, :( sad) a little long haired kitten with a busted front paw. She's been wrapping up it's paw, and it is the cutest little kitty. So playful and fun! I almost forgot that OUR kitty used to be that fun. Now she just sleeps all day, thats no bueno. This morning the kitten was playing with Marin's jungle gym, pouncing and jumping at all the toys :)

This morning we awoke to quite the. . . ahem. . . surprise? Marin was cooing and squeeling away in her pack and play, so I got up and picked her up, and then the smell hit. Blah! The little stinky girl! (Must be that hot sauce I had on my burrito!. . . (just for you dad by the way)). Nothing in the world can quite compare to the smell of evolving baby poop. And. . . bonus. . . it was smeared all over her lower half! How does this happen?! I signaled to Kris to grab something to lay her on, and when I layed her down, her butt must have been angled about 30 degrees above her head, her diaper was THAT BIG! I was a little nervous to delve right in and find my daughter in that mess, but in I went. Her pants? Yellow. Her onesie? Yellow. Her smile? As big as I'd ever seen. She sure was happy, or proud of her accomplishment!. I pulled her clothes off and just stared at this monster of a diaper. Now, let me reminisce about those first post birth weeks. At night, I would dutifully drag my tired half funtioning self out of bed to change my new and precious little girl every time she ate. After a few times of dry or barely spritzed diapers, I just said, "To heck with that! Let those diapers show me how much their worth!" And baby stayed in her diaper until the morning, unless she was stinky. That said, I have seen my fair share of enormous diapers. This diaper took the cake. Not only was it full to bursting point, I think those poor little super full, uber-absorbant granules had spewed their recently absorbed contents all over the diaper before they took a crash landing in the sea of full diapers. When I took it off, I couldn't even fold it in half to throw it away! Amazing! I think she lost at least 2 pounds with that sucker.

Anyway. Enough about that. I am very excited about our trip to Atlanta. Even more so because, due to an act of "pay-it-forward" kindness, Kris is now able to come with us! HOORAY! And, even more good news. . . Kris got the job with University of Phoenix! HOORAY! We have really been hoping this job would go through, and it has. He is really excited, and I am too. It means we need to find someone to watch the kiddo, but, we can work things out.

I'll post some pics soon, I have some reeeeally cute ones :)


Tabitha said...

So Kris is coming??!!!! Awesome!!!

Scooter & Emi said...

HURRAY is right!! We can't wait! Jonathan is trying to figure out a good time for all of the guys to go to dinner together (including Scott!). This is the perfect year for Kris to get to come too because it means everybody's together. We hope to move from Atlanta in the next couple of years, and then we'll all be scattered... getting together won't be as easy as this has been!!

And diapers? Just wait until Marin figures out how to take her diapers OFF!! lol!! (Don't worry, you have a while longer...)