Saturday, December 27, 2008

Withdrawls! I'm going through withdrawls!

Oh, just really quick, a few pics of Christmas Dinner:) Simple, but yummy!

Our spiral sliced honey ham, it was super yummy:)
Butter steamed garlic red potatoes

Brown sugar green beans with toasted walnuts, Kris likes green beans this way.

Laugh at me if you think I'm silly, but today was my second day in a row at work and I am STARVING for some snuggles with my little girl! I've been scheduled before to work 2 days in a row, but it's never panned out. I've either been put on standby or have called in sick etc. So as I write this blog, I haven't been able to pick up my baby since I put her to bed on Thursday night! over 48 hours! Needless to say, I'm actually excited for her to wake up tonight to eat so I can snuggle and get some kisses in:)

Work today was. . .good, but slightly frustrating. 10 year olds are NOT good medicine takers, let me tell you. She had surgery and needed to take some oral pain medication. . . . and it was a NIGHTMARE! Ugh! Unfortunately, 10 year olds are too big to hold down and force medicine down their throats (oh, and beeee-leeive me, I have done my fair share of that!), but they aren't big enough to suck it up! I mean, reason their way through the bad taste. The little drama queen needed way too much attention than I could manage, or handle. But, the day is done. I got a few smooches from my honey, and sniffed my baby girls intoxicating bald head, and sleep is but a few moments away.

Tomorrow Kris and I need to be at church 15 minutes early, I have a feeling we'll be speaking next Sunday :)

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