Friday, December 12, 2008

I Miss My Little Girl!

Oh, what a long day. I worked today, and even though I'm used to 12 hour shifts and, essentially a workday that starts at 5 when I get up, and ends (I think) at 8 pm when I leave the floor. It is still a long day, and today just seemed especially long. Some days go by really quick, but not today. I came home and sterilized my hands and went into Marin's nursery and just smelled her. She smelled so good! Like my sweet little baby. I looked at her chubby cheeks and rubbed her fuzzy head and realized, once more, that life just does not get any better! I loved being a nurse, and it was wonderful when I first became a nurse, and then I got married, and that was even better, and now I'm a mama, and it just makes life so wonderful, except when I have to go to work :( I miss her SOOOO much when I'm there, it makes my heart hurt, especially when I have to give other little ones (necessary) ouchies. But now I'm home, and I just have to wait until she wakes up so I can cuddle with her and feed her.

Yesterday evening, we all went to get a Christmas tree! At Lowes! That's right! We were going to buy a cute, small, LIVE tree, until they told us it was 12$ PER FOOT! Yeah right! 12$ MY foot, whatver! I was totally not going to pay that much! So, we decided that as we were going to be gone for a week, and didn't want a live tree to suffer the excruciating pains of thirst, and kitty cat attacks. So we bought a 10 dollar, 18 inch fake tree. And I put just about all our lights and ornaments on it, so you can't really see the tree. It's just this big glowing orb in the corner of our living room. It's pretty though, and it makes it look Christmas-y. :)

Today was payday, so tomorrow we'll be buying a couple of gifts, and some groceries, and getting ready and excited to go to Atlanta.

Picture time!

Our festive cat Sadie. I tied a pretty ribbon around her neck. She thoroughly enjoyed that.

Here she is admiring our Christmas "orb"

Marin in her "Jenny-jump-up". I didn't realize they were gender specific, until I saw it was not a Johnny-jump-up, but a Jenny-jump-up. She still dosn't really know what to do yet, so she chews on the side (I have Kris to thank for that little chewing habit). She'll learn soon!

See my cute dress Bestamor got for me!

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