Monday, April 29, 2013

Date With Owen

I guess the actual evening was a partial date, but I'll take what I can get.  Kristoffer worked the early shift today, which means he was home by 3:30pm.  So he and Marin went off to do some secret shopping for mommy's birthday (tomorrow!) and Owen and and mama went grocery shopping; BUT, we did go to Culver's afterwards for a dinner date.  I love my little guy.  He is just the sweetest boy and he loves his mama.  I don't get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him, so this was so great for both of us.

 Culver's has amazing ice cream, and I'm not usually an ice cream kind of gal (it's too COLD!), but I do love myself some Culver's ice cream!
So grateful for my little buddy, even though he's not so little anymore! 

The Dresser!

The dresser is finished!!  I am so so SO excited and happy to be done with it....finally!  Kristoffer bought this dresser for me back in October at Deseret Industries (DI), and I didn't get the chance to start sanding it until November, and then it got cold; go figure.  So, it sat in the garage aaaaall winter long, so it has seemed as though this project has taken much longer than it really should have.  But, once I got going on it again this spring, it really went quickly.

SO, without further ado, the dresser BEFORE:  Icky and brown and dated.....

And my gorgeous dresser AFTER:  Isn't it just LOVELY??!!! 

 I bought the stencil online at and I love it.  It was easy to use and line up, and stenciling went pretty quickly.  This design is called...ummm, Chez Sheikh or something like that.  And....for the handles, Let me just preface with the fact that I was aiming for something different.  I wanted to find a spray that would give me a super duper high gloss shiny chrome metallic mirror-like look (does that make sense? Ha!).  And, well, let's just say that the "Looking-Glass" spray by Krylon is totally not what you think it is; you have to paint the *inside* of whatever you want to look essentially, you just have to paint glass items, which totally limits SO much.  And regular super shiny spray paint is NEVER as shiny as it advertises.  So, I'm a little bummed about the hardware, but altogether, I still think it looks great!
I am so happy with this dresser and I can't wait to get started on my next project...a dining room table and chairs, and I have the perfect idea in mind, wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Fairy Garden

For Christmas, Marin received a little fairy garden kit.  We stashed away a bunch of the gifts for later use...which we will totally do again, it was nice having new things to play with in April!  Anyway, we pulled out this fairy garden about two weeks ago, and Marin loved it.  She got to be super creative and paint and design and plant and water...all of her favorite things!

Here she is painting the toadstools and the fairy house.
 The inspiration on the box.  It actually looks pretty similar!

 She had a blast designing this, and loves watering it.  Not only that, but she loves to see where they fairy has moved to each morning, such a sweet girl; I totally remember having that vivid imagination and thinking magic was alive.  Life was so simple back then!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Marin at 4 Years 8 Months

And here is my sweet Marin.  What a darling girl!

Here are a few of Marin's favorite things:

~Pink, purple and sparkles:  If it has any of these three things, she is all over it, such a GIRL!
~Mac and Cheese:  It's her all time favorite food, and she would eat it every day if I let her.
~Crafty stuff:  She loves making and creating new things and using all sorts of things in her creations.
~Being chased:  Ok, maybe this isn't exclusive to Marin, but if mommy or daddy or Owen is up for it, she will run and run and run!
~Stuffed animals:  These are her best buds, she loves her stuffed animals.  They line her bed and fill her little bin, they are everywhere.  She loves talking to them and she loves her little stuffed kitty.

A few more little tidbits about Marin:

~Marin is a jabberbox.  There are times when she will talk and talk and taaaaaalk our ears off!
~She still takes forever to eat her food.  I'm not sure if it's because she likes to talk so much, but it seems that she's always taken forever to eat.
~She carries her little purse with her pretty much everywhere.
~She can write her name and is learning to sound out words.
~She loves to help me in the kitchen and often suggests to make things, like pancakes or waffles or muffins...
~Marin has a sweet tooth like no other.  If it's candy, she'll beg you for it!
~She surprises us with hugs and kisses, and thanks me for "making a wonderful dinner".  She's so sweet!

I love my sweet Marin, she is so thoughtful and is very attentive to other people's needs.  It amazes me how intuitive she is, and how much she truly wants to help.  We love having Marin as our girl!

Owen at 2 Years and 2 Months

This is my buddy, Owen...with mama.  Owen is such a sweet boy and I just love love LOVE him!  My kids are growing and changing so fast these days, I need to do a little spotlight on each of them more frequently, so I will remember all of those little things!

Owen at 2 years and 2 months (to the day, even, wow!) loves:

~His mama, he is still a mama's boy...and it melts my heart!
~His daddy, because daddy has all the cool tools, of course!
~His big sis, because she has all those intriguing toys she won't let him play with.  And because she is so sweet to him.
~CARS.  Anything with wheels and/or an engine, he is ALL about it.
~Balls.  If you can throw it, he will want to play with it.  He runs around with his miniature football and repeatedly asks anyone he can find "Play football, mama?  Play football??".
~Doggies.  Of course.  What little boy doesn't love dogs?!  I love hearing him shout "Doggie, mama, look!  Look mama, doggie!!!".
~Noodles.  Spaghetti, Ramen, mac and cheese, if it has noodles, he's all over it, a true boy at heart.

And some other tidbits about my sweet boy:

~It seems that every time Owen plays in the sandbox, I find that he's shoved a fistful in his evidence by sand IN his mouth.  Every time!!  I'm not sure if he's just following 'Boy Protocol' or something, but he has to eat a mouthful of sand every single time!
~Some of the books he loves to read currently are:  "Llama, Lama Time To Share", "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie", and the Clifford books.  
~Before bed, every night, he requests that we sing "Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam" and "I Am a Child of God".  He knows almost all of the words, and it bring tears to my eyes.
~Owen is talking in pretty complete sentences, and it blows me away!  He knows exactly how to express his needs!
~If he wants an orange, and no one is around to peel it for him, he'll just bit right through it.
~He loves cooked broccoli and eating salad with raspberry walnut vinaigrette.
~He has big freckles all across his cheeks and nose, CUTE!
~Loves to be a naked boy after his bath and run around in the nude. (But, what kid doesn't like that?)

We are so grateful to have this sweet boy in our family, he is such a bright ball of sunshiney happiness and we just love him to pieces!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dance-a-licious Date Night

Last night, Kristoffer and I had a big fat group date with Trine, Barry, Justin, Melodie and Estelle.  They took us to BYU to see their amazingly talented ballroom dance company perform.  They really did a fantastic job and I have never been to a ballroom dance performance, so this was a first for me!  I have always loved dancing...and when I say this, I mean dancing with friends, but the thought of professional dancing has always intrigued me.  There is so much beauty and energy and technique and grace all wrapped up into one lovely, sparkly performance, it looks like so much (and I say this tongue-in-cheek) FUN!  I know there is much more behind the scenes sacrifice for a beautiful performance, but still.  So after the show, Kris and I were just silly...

If only the shutter speed on my camera weren't like...5 seconds...blah...
 My hubby can get a little camera shy, and then he does strange funny hunny, he's all mine, and I love it!
 We are terrible at this...
 I love being able to laugh like this with Kris!
 Awful lighting, but happy Lyman's.
And afterwards we hit up Leatherby's for, well...I got myself some apple pie.  I know, I know.  But I was jonesing for it, and I didn't want a big fat tummy-ache from a big fat ice cream sundae.  And it was delicious!

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Lovelies

The ask?  Yes, my gorgeous lovely lovely children.  I have to take the moment to express my complete gratitude and appreciation for my sweet, wonderful, healthy children.  I am such a lucky mama to be blessed with two absolutely, exquisitely and perfectly lovely children.  During those moments when I think being a mom is super tough, and I think motherhood can't get any tougher...I have a day like today at work.  I have a sweet little 7 year old with an inoperable brain stem tumor come through for a post chemo scan.  I see two parents who are holding back so much grief and pain, and simultaneously exude the most tender love and concern for their bald, swollen and weak son.  I see a son cling to his mother as I slowly medicate him to sleep, and I see his mother wiping her tears away and clinging to weak threads of hope after her son is sedated and unaware of her grief.  I see a pale, sweet 7 year old with agonal breathing from his tumor, a disgusting blob in his brain on the computer, a non vascular tumor with little hopes of being reached with chemo.  I see a family preparing to say goodbye to their son before the end of the year. 

I see all of these things, and inside, I weep for this family.  As much as I am aware of the eternal plan of happiness, I mourn with those that mourn, and I send a million silent prayers.  Then...I realize how lucky I am.  How incredibly blessed I am to be the mother to these sweet, wonderful children.  To have the chance to love and be loved is by far the most incredible blessing our loving Father has given us.  In spite of the loss that we will all experience at some point in our lives, we have the chance to make a difference in the meantime.  We have a chance to smile and hug and kiss and touch and laugh and find joy in the meantime.  I have the chance to love my sweet children and make this childhood the best it can be...after all, it's the only one they will get.  And so, they are my lovelies, and I can't imagine never having a chance to love much work as motherhood is, it's the hardest things in life that are the most worth it.

So here are my lovelies!

We had a happy birthday dessert-party at Gourmendise for Barry the other night, and Marin got some piggy tails from aunt Melodie.

 A little decadence.....
 Owen plowed his way through his strawberry kiwi tart.
 And he got to sit next to his gal-pal, Estelle.  He was a happy guy!
 Marin and Estelle, the cuties.
 This girl is just like her mama and get's waaaaay too excited over dessert.
 Owen *loved* the glass cases, I could not peel him away (except to eat his dessert).  And after he was finished, he ran back up with his sticky hands and slapped them all up and down and side to side on ALL the glass cases....oy vey.
 Soooo excited to choose her dessert!
 If I wasn't about to turn 29...I might be doing the exact same thing with my face pressed up against the glass!

 Silly kids!
 And we went to the park the other day, and ended with playing in the riverbed.  I've read that if your kids get grumpy/cranky/bored...put them in water.  It works....every time.  These kids LOVE water.
 Just happy to toss pebbles and dip their toes.
 Look, mama, look!
 I love the shadow vs. real and child-from-womb concept in this picture.  Maybe it's just me.
 One of the few times that they are not picking/squeeling at each other.  Let's just say I've really become a referee lately and it is my *least* favorite job.  I just want my kids to be nice to each other!

So grateful for my little family and I'm grateful that we are going to be a FOREVER family, not just until death.  What a wonderful feeling knowing that we can be eternally connected through the sealing powers of the temple.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Family Photos

My super sweet mother in law just posted these photos on her wall on FB...and gently reminded me that they were up for know...for *blogging* use!  I was anxious for them anyway, not only is her camera MUCH better than mine, but I was slacking a little in the photographer department that Sunday, so she really saved the day!

My handsome boys.  Man alive, are they good looking or what?!
 Kristoffer's mother's mom, Alfhild and the kids.

A family shot, and it's as good as it gets with a tired little Owen!

Love my Kristoffer.

Le sigh. 

Trine and Barry.  So happy to have a great family!

Owen with straw in his hair, little rascal!  I love his little freckles, they just put his handsome face over the top.

My lovely girl.  Her BEST shots are the ones that are completely candid, and she has no idea someone is snapping away.

She is hilariously curious!  This will make for some awkward conversations very soon...what am I saying, I've been cornered into a few already!

What does mommy do on Easter to prepare for guests?  She scrapes glittery glue off of her dining room table!

Someone has daddy's eyes.  Love my girl.

There's my brother in law, Justin blowing some bubbles.  He couldn't resist, in fact, he was begging all through dinner to blow bubbles...

His cutie daughter, Estelle.  She is such a sweet girl, and Owen LOVES her.  She is like, the equivalent of the babysitter that Owen would have a little boy crush on.

My super awesome sister in law, Melodie.  I love being with Melodie, she loves to laugh and it is infectious!!  I can't ever keep a straight face with this gorgeous gal around.

Three cheers for having a mother in law with a great camera who is willing/remembers to take pictures!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

We had a great Easter, it was honestly a great day.  I typically have a hard time when Easter is in March, because it just seems like Easter should be in April, and I'm not sure why I feel this way!  BUT, this year is the first year I have been grateful that Easter fell in March.  My dad is in a rehab center for physical therapy, and on the fifth Sunday of each month, the Cortland Ward in upstate NY (where I went when I was in nursing school) does a half hour service for some of the residents/patients there.  I used to go and after Kristoffer and I were married, we went together with other members who were able to participate.  So for Easter Sunday, my dad was able to attend a church service for the first time in almost three months and partake of the sacrament.  It was incredibly healing for him and spiritually strengthening.  My father relies very heavily on the guidance of the spirit, and being in the hospital for the last almost three months, has really deprived him of that necessity.  Easter Sunday was a great day for him and he was able to eat and drink water for the first time in DAYS.  I cannot tell you how happy I was that he had such a great day physically and spiritually.  So this year, I have learned to appreciate a March Easter.

A few little pictures of our Easter happenings...

Nothing is prettier than a bowl full of happy, colorful Easter eggs.

 The Easter Bunny found us! 
 Children make it so much fun, I loved watching their happy little faces....getting a picture of them was another story!
 Marin checking out the stash.
 Look, mama, look!!  I love hearing that :)

 Love my cute girl, I could barely get 2 seconds for a picture, she was so distracted!
 Owen got a flashlight, and he was a happy boy!

 Look at that cute boy!

 And what was our menu, you ask?  We hosted Easter dinner here at our house, and had a delicious spiral ham with apricot pineapple glaze, a traditional savory Italian Easter pie, homemade ricotta gnocchi with lemon thyme butter sauce, caprese salad, Italian spitzers and for dessert?  Italian cream cheese cake as you see below.  Everything was DYNAMITE and sooooooo good, I wish I could have stuffed myself even more!!  Oh, and the frosting on this cake...smooth as SILK my friends, and Kristoffer was actually snitching from the frosting bowl, and THAT says a LOT.
 These cute little fuzzy friends were in the bucket from grandad and Sallie and we've loved watching them hop all over the floor!
 Marin giving aunt Melodie a back massage.
 Did we play badminton on Easter, YES, I believe we DID!  Check out Justin's killer moves!
 Barry getting in the action.
 Estelle pulled Owen around in that wagon for so long, it was super cute.  And Marin hopped in and out and rode her bike and drew on the driveway, she had a blast just having people over.
Trine took some awesome pics of our family with her fancy camera (and in, fancier than my camera), and hopefully she'll share some with me so I can share them on the blog.  Hope your Easter was great!