Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Did November Go?

I've totally been in a slump, blogging and otherwise.  Aiy yai yai.  Somehow life has caught up with me over the last three weeks and has been kicking my trash.  I haven't been sick, just off kilter, and it's kind of caught up with me.  Maybe it's just the change in the weather or something?  Last night was just awful, so many things piled up and I just cried myself to sleep, tragic, I know.  Sometimes being a girl is overwhelming; we're a little crazy like that #letsbereal.  

Anyway, I have a few pictures piled up in my phone, and I am waaaay overdue for a post, so here we go!

Today my sweet kidlets sitting on the window seat and watching the birds eat the bird berries off the tree.  It was too cute not to snap a shot.  This window,  in our dining room is eye-level with the tree-top (our house is on a hill), so it's perfect for watching the little birdies.  I see some pine-cone/PB/bird seed feeders in our future!
 Oh, Marin.  Getting off the bus today, the friendly neighborhood cat (not ours, but very well fed, so *someone's*) was there, and Marin plucked him up and lugged him home.
 She cracks me up, that cat is half as big as she is.
 Funny girl.
 I was never a huge fish sandwich fan growing up, but my parents loved them.  It wasn't until I went to NY in March to spend time with my very ill father, that I developed the most insatiable appetite for fish sandwiches.  Crazy!  So sometimes I like to whip myself up a fish sandwich, and this was on Sunday.  Homemade tartar sauce, YUM!  Super simple, I'll need to post this to my FOOD blog, which is also needing some love.
 Last Saturday morning, we woke up to this, gorgeous snow.  Hey, as long as it's past Halloween, it's OK in my book.  This picture was taken from our bedroom window, it's technically the second story, but it's also on the lower hill side, so it seems like three stories up, and faces the east mountains.  So so so pretty!
 And, it's that season again :(  So sad for my girl.  She really struggles with her breathing, especially when the air quality is poor.  She just gulps for breath, and it make me sad.  This one day was particularly bad, we couldn't even see 2 miles through all the stale, junky air, we had to do her puffer AND her nebulizer.  I am at least glad we're not still in downtown SLC, it would have been way worse for her down there, the air is at least a little better up here.
 Love my sweet girl.
 Playing firefighter with Owen.
 I kind of sort of had a conversation with to my hubby about food storage and needing bigger shelves.  And he just whipped this bad boy up before work one day.  What a stud.  Now I need to fill this thing up, darn ;)
 Daddy raked some leaves a couple of weeks ago, and Owen was his little helper, of course.  Daddy has reached super-hero status in our house, by the way.  Owen *loves* his daddy, and daddy rough-houses to Owen's little heart's content.  It's so cute to watch.
 Yup, this is how I found my little guy one afternoon when I went to wake him up from his nap.  Sword shoved into his shirt.  After all, a true pirate never leaves his sword far away.  Made my day.
 I added a couple little things to my dining room, which I've been wanting to do for a while.  The picture frames/ leaves on either side of our window, and the gold branches on the table.
 I saw this idea for finding some fall leaves and spraying them gold, so I did it!  I had previously painted the frames.  These ones were black, and I painted them silver, and glazed them with some Martha Stewart stuff.  Turned out great!

 These frames were from DI.  I picked them up for next to nothing and did the same treatment to them.  And I love the sprayed leaves.!  The two pictures after this are of the branches I sprayed...before and after.  I love having them on the table, so pretty!!
 This is Owen and his future roommate, Bronson.  Bronson's dad is BJ, Kristoffer's best friend since forever ago.  We went to lunch with them a few weeks ago, and it's so fun to watch those two boys together, they crack me up....and the little boys, too.  ;)

Hopefully we'll have more happy pictures soon, my mama is flying to town next Wednesday for a few days to spend Thanksgiving with she heads out for a trip to HAWAII!!  So excited for her, she needs it.  Anyway, we'll have a bang up dinner...are you surprised?  I can't help myself!