Friday, September 30, 2011

New York Trip- Odds and Ends

Haha, are you all overwhelmed by the New York pictures yet?!  No?  Good, me neither!  I had a fantastic time and still have a few pictures left to share and remember. 

Me, and my good friends Laurena and Rebecca.  We grew up together in church and I love going back to see them every time I'm in NY.  Laurena just had her first baby in June, a little boy, and he is just so sweet.  Rebecca has a 5 (?) year old son and a 1 year old little girl.  And if you are looking at Marin's discolored, I don't beat my child!  Marin had a run in with a red marker on her forehead and some delicious blueberry sauce on her cheeks ;)

 We went to the local apple festival, so Marin was able to do a few little crafty things at a "Free" tent.
 Having her face painted!
 She chose balloons.
 She was a sleeeeepy girl.
 Sleeeeepy boy.  He fell asleep before we even got out of the parking lot.
 My old seminary teachers wife.  Doug Darling, my seminary teacher passed away recently, so I was thrilled I was able to see her at the Apple Fest!
 And my daddy made some apple pie...mmmmm.
 I went to visit my friend LeAnn, and Marin and her daughter were playing in their canoe.
 My friend LeAnn.  I have such wonderful memories with her, talking, playing tennis, her wedding and reception, the birth of her first baby (7 years ago!!!).  She was the one who turned me on to natural childbirth and has been an incredible encouragement.  Here, she holds her youngest.
 And her three other children with Marin.  Sydney, the eldest is 7...I held her when she was born, wow...really feeling old right now....
 Owen playing with grandpa.  He LOVED playing with grandpa.
 A few pictures of what I see every time I go home.  My road, our house is just around the bend to the left.
 The wildflowers by the side of the road I would ride the bus down every morning for school.
 There is nothing that compares to the rolling hills of Upstate New York.  There is such soft, vintage beauty that resounds a gentle peacefulness, especially in the fall when the leaves change.  Just so calm and lovely.  This is a view from my road.
 And back up the other road to where they meet at the precipice and curve around the bend.
 Whoops!  One last shot of little Owen, getting into grandma's lazy susan.  He LOVED that walker and would trot himself to where he wanted to go...and the lazy susan was a favorite of course.
I am so grateful I had the chance to go home.  It was wonderful that my children were able to spend time with my parents, and since they are so far away, it really means so much to me.  Thankfully, Marin and Owen were WONDERFUL on the flight out and back.  We had unbelieveable luck in having an empty seat in our row BOTH out and back which was perfect for sleepy children.  I did dose Owen up with Benadryl however, and that seemed to help!  I also made sure I was prepared...we had a portable DVD player for Marin with ALL of her DVD's and headphones, juice, snacks, new small toys to hold her interest, and I did keep her in a diaper for the whole trip...HUGE help.  Owen had some Benadryl and I also took Tylenol, his long blanket for nursing and naps, binkies, toys, books.  And it was all in a big old backpack!  I had a front carrier for Owen and an umbrella stroller for whoever needed a seat.  It was really a great trip out and back, so thanks for sending me your good thoughts, and prayers, it helped!!!

New York Trip- Out and About!

One evening after dinner we decided to go get ice cream.  The ice cream was great, but it was cold and windy, and we all stood outside the little shack shivering while we ate our cold, cold ice cream. 

 My sister Tabitha and her Lydia.
 Grandpa gave Owen a little taste of his vanilla soft serve. 
 Marin frosting cookies with grandma, she had a great time.  Marin would spoon some frosting onto each cookie and grandma would spread it around.

 There's my little chef!  She loves all things culinary, sweet girl.
 Owen taking a little snooze on his belly on afternoon, with those fingers in his mouth, so cute!
 The day we took my sister to the aiport, we stopped for pizza at a local pizza place we've been going to for years.  There is nothing like NY style pizza!
 Mmmmm, white garlic pizza......
Marin playing with one of the cats.  She carried a string around the entire two weeks and LOVED playing with those kitties.  It was really cute to watch her.  And if she couldn't find the cats, she would walk around and say "Kiiiiittyyyyyyyy, come her kitty!".

 Grandpa rough-housing the kids.  Marin LOVED playing with grandpa.  They would have the best time together!  And Owen thought grandpa was pretty fun, too.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New York Trip- Family Dinner

Sunday we left church, ran home for a quick change of clothes and headed off to Grandma's for a very nostalgic dinner with family.  While the entire extended family wasn't there, it was wonderful that we were able to be be there together and laugh as a family.

Growing up, we would always meet at Grandma's for holidays, and, during the summer, utilize her very wonderful screen house.  We would all squeeze in there and share familiar food and laugh and just have such a good time together. we go!

Ok, is there a cuter baby boy picture out there?  My cousin Trevor sat Owen on his lap and flopped his hat onto his head.  *sigh*.
 My cousin Trevor's little girl, Capri who was almost 6 months, and our little Owen who just turned 7 months.  Saying hello!
 And the little girls with crazy uncle Bob.  We love Uncle Bob (story later)!  So, here we started with Marin and my sister's little girl, Lydia.
 Aaaand then we added in the babies.
 Take 3.
 Take 4.  We seem to be losing focus here.

 Take 5.
 Take 6.  Success!!  Bob asked how got roped into this, haha!
 Me, Grandma and Owen.
 a FOUR generation photo!  Virginia Owens, David Owens, Samantha Lyman, Marin and Owen Lyman.
 My cousin Trevor, his wife Megan and their 6 month old baby girl Capri.

Marin and Mama in the leaves.
 The house where I lived for a little over 3 years while I was in nursing school.  My grandfather Merlin Owens built this house, accompanying screen house, barn, tool shed and toy shed with his own two hands.
 The lovely little screen house that has housed our summer family get-togethers for years.
 And a family photo!  
Back Row:  (red hat) Uncle Brian, Jacob, cousin Carter, Matthew, cousin Trevor with Capri, Uncle Bob and Aunt Brenda.
Middle Row: Tabitha with Lydia, cousin Janelle, cousin Hunter
Bottom Row:  Samantha with Owen, Grandma Virgina, David with Marin, Alison.

So...Uncle Bob....growing up, we went camping every year in the Adirondacks, all together as a family.  Uncle Bob did my hair one resemble Pippi Longstocking.  Um, yeah.  I had shellacked braids in my hair that curved for the sky.  
When I was in nursing school and almost done, he called and pretended he was from the state penitentiary stating he was reviewing my application and that they would love to hire me on to work with the inmates.  Oh that silly Uncle Bob, always looking for laugh.  Our family wouldn't be right without Bob!

And, in case you were wondering about the Owens family name and Owen my son, let me explain.  My maiden name is Owens.  When I was younger, and I read the Anne of Green Gables book series, the main character Anne named her son after her maiden name...a very common and traditional way to pay homage to the wife's maiden name and family back then.  I loved the idea and Kris and I both loved the name Owen anyway.  I love that I can give a wonderful, strong name to my son that carries so much meaning and gratitude.  I was very happy and proud to take my husband's last name when we were married and I wouldn't want it any other way, but I also loved that I could pass on a strong family name from my side of the family.  Hence, our little boy, Owen!

New York Trip-Girls Day Out

Usually anytime my sister Tabitha or I are in town, we always go to Skaneateles, an absolutely lovely and well kept town located on one of the finger lakes.  AND...we always eat at the Sherwood Inn, at this point, it's tradition.  A sea blue Inn and Restaurant with a view of the lake, they have rustic American fare and SUPER yummy french fries.  And, what about the children, you ask?  Haha...NOT included!  My dad was brave and spent ALL day with them at home, yes, an entire 8 hours with my three year old, Tabitha's 18 month old, and my 7 month old.  Thanks daddy!

 A picture of the front of The Sherwood Inn.

 And, we NEVER get dessert at The Sherwood Inn....we simply swing out the back door and walk over to La Patisserie.  The name should tell you it's good, no?  Breads and pastries and cakes, oh YES! 
 Here we all are in front of La Patisserie.

 Yes, that's the dessert I chose, soooo Samantha, I know ;)
 One of their cases of confections.
 *ahem*....right, so uhhhh, who put this in here?!  This is uh, well, I don't know who these crazy people are, nor why we took a picture of them with my camera....*ahem*......

 After dessert, we drove over to the gallery and farm of MacKenzie Childs.  If you have never heard of them, they are kind of like a Pottery Barn, but their items are *crazy* decorated and almost fantastical in design...think of Alice in Wonderland.  Really.  If you like their stuff, be prepared to spend a pretty penny!  One goblet?  $78.  Yeah.
 Their grounds were absolutely breathtaking.

 So serene.
 You can see the lake in the distance.

Ok, their vegetable garden?  Gorgeous!!!  My sister and I were drooling over all of the amazing vegetables that were proliferating there.  They had everything...cabbage, peppers, swiss chard, kale, beets, carrots, onions, tomatoes, lettuce.  I was so tempted to find a vintage wicker basket, load it up with veggies and make a run for it!

 Ummm, gorgeous (insert arm waving head shaking).

 Yes, I'd like to nap
 Our little visitor in the garden.  He was VERY friendly and loved the attention.

 It was a VERY relaxing day with my mom and sister, I always love going when I come home.  And my dad DID survive the day, although he was a little tuckered out that evening!