Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love Is In The Air

I love February, mostly because I love Valentine's Day.  It's true, I totally love Valentine's Day.  I think maybe it's the 14 year old girl in know, the little thrills you get when you hope that the guy you like totally gives you a Valentine?  It's just such a cute holiday, and I get to make treats and hang cute pink and red decorations all around my house.  I love it.  And I don't dig V-Day haters.  You know the ones who think it's just a big hype from the card companies?  Yeah, we all know them.  The ones who say love should be celebrated every day and not just on Valentines Day?  Well, yeah, love totally should be celebrated every day, but sometimes we have holidays to make things special!  It's like saying you hate Christmas because Christ should be celebrated every day....while it's true, Christmas is a celebration!  Lighten up a bit, people!  So, there you have it.  Valentine's Day is wonderful.

This little cutie-patootie.  She makes my heart melt every single day.  I am loving who she is becoming.  She loves her daddy, and she loves her brother and sister, but she LOVES her mama, and that melts my heart even more.  She saves her biggest smiles for me.

 I can't say as though I'm the best at being crafty with my kids....but every so often, I have a moment, and I totally rock making these rocket-ships.  Paper towel tubes, and construction paper...boom, instant rocket ship.  Owen and I raced rocket ships around our front yard that day, that was a good moment, he's my buddy, I love my boy.
 My little Rosie, I like to put her in the walker so she can have some 'sitting up' time...but she's not so fond of it because I think she feels forgotten about!
 This kid.  He is wonderful,  My Krispy-Kreme superhero!
 My husband's best friend has a son, Bronson, who happens to be Owen's best friend.  Those two together are hilarious.  They are three months apart and best buds.
 I've been working really hard at making good food choices, and for the past six weeks and it's been amazing how my stomach has adjusted to the food.  I have a free day each week to eat whatever I want (which is typically Saturday), and at the end of the day, I feel sick!  I can't eat the kind of food I used to anymore...which is great.  The progress is super slow, but I know the changes will come, they just take forever when I'm breastfeeding.  The hospital makes a super delish salmon, so that's what I'll get if it's on the menu.
 My favorite breakfast; two slices of canadian bacon with one scrambled egg on top of a piece of toast with half an avocado.  LOVE it. 
 I love these wax hearts.  They are a pain in the neck to make; just a lot of steps that tend to be tedious, but they are totally worth it and CUTE!
 These three are awesome, I totally love my kids, and they are hilarious.  Sunday morning pictures!
 Take 2:
 Take 3:  There it is!I
 I made chocolate dipped pretzels for a bunch of people last week, and it turned out to be a bigger project than I anticipated!  BUT, look how cute they turned out!

 And, yeah, there were a ton!
 I should have taken pictures of all the baggies I put together.  I ended up with nine treat bags, and I wrote cards for each one.  I had some leftover handouts from a Relief Society presentation I gave the other week on service.  It has typed on it a poem quoted from President Monson which I have memorized:
"I have wept in the night, for the shortness of sight, that to somebody's need made me blind.  But I never have yet, felt a tinge of regret, for being a little too kind.".

It's been such a great reminder to me on the value of service.  Big or small, our kindness always makes a difference.
 My sweet husband was so nice to help me make all those pretzels.  Next year though, I'm going for the big pretzel sticks, not as much work!
 I made some Asian turkey lettuce wraps the other night for dinner, they were SO good!  Owen ate four of them!
 Our cat is not an adventurous cat, but she likes to sit at the window and watch the birds on the tree and imagine that she is.
 I posted the picture of the shelves already, but Kris finished the can dispenser for me this past week.  I love it, it frees up so much shelf space! 
 Marin stole my phone and snapped this picture of Owen.  I love it, this is totally a candid shot of him being happy.