Monday, July 30, 2012

Reading and Room

I suppose this post is just a little catch-all for my random happenings, but they are things that make me happy none-the-less! 

I've been thinking about starting to incorporate family scripture reading into our day (vs. just Kris and I), and I realized that Marin was at a seemingly appropriate age.  Just about 4 years old seems just about right for attention span, comprehension, that sort of thing.  SO....since my sister and I went to the Distribution Center when she was here, and she picked up a copy of the illustrated children's book, Book of Mormon Stories, I've been salivating to get one for myself.  It was exactly what I wanted!

I'm *amazed*...hear me...*amazed* at how well Marin has responded to the stories.  I figured that we would read one story around the breakfast table in the morning, but we've been reading two to three stories together on the couch every day.  She actually really LIKES reading them!  It makes me happy as a mother, of course, and it totally brings back memories...I looked at the SAME book when I was a kid, and they haven't changed a bit!  So, check out the books, softcover, about 10 bucks for this one, I got it at Deseret Book, but I know they sell them at the Distribution Center.

 And, my "new" dining room.  Obviously it's not new, but it's a new-to-me space!  We were using it previously as a play area for the kids, with all of their toys stuffed over there, and big blue comfy chair.  It worked fine for that, but let me tell!  We've put the little pink kitchen set downstairs in Marin's room, and the other toys and books in Owen's room, and brought my lovely little  dining room table out of storage.  I LOVE having my table back again.  We had friends over for dinner on Sunday and it was absolutely perfect to have a proper dining table to sit at.  LOVE my table!
And, I picked up a few little finds at DI to make my own.  That black basket on the table was originally a regular old blah-basket until I spray painted it black, and now it's gorgeous.  And I found some icky picture frames and spray painted them gray, and now they are waiting for me to print off some pretty pictures to fill them.  Love that DI store.

Lazy Day Lagoon Date

So, Kristoffer did an overnight training at work last week, and they gave him a paid day off.  And what did we do with that day off?  We dropped the kids at Bestemor's house and took off! We were one of the first cars in line to get into the park, so we had a nice empty park to start.  

It was SUCH a great day, just the two of us.  We laughed and ran around and acted like kids and screamed on all the rides and soaked up the hot sun.  We ate hot dogs and cookies and rediscovered what it was like to NOT be a parent for a few hours.  Totally refreshing, and exhausting and totally worth it.  We got into the park at around 11am, and by the time 6pm hit, we were pooped, and ready to go...that part made me feel kind of old.

Kris and I taking the sky-walk across the park to get lunch.  And, just so you know, I only post the good pictures of myself, especially when it's a no-make-up're welcome.
 Eating subway subs on the park bench.
 What in crazy husband.
 We took a little whirl on the Ferris Wheel after settle our tummies before more adrenaline rides.
 Ahhh, the towers on the left were just craziness, the rocket blast off ride...the one that shoots you up into the air and drops you, or the re-entry ride that just drops you from the top.  They really caught my breath, phew!
 The river raft ride (or something like that).  This is just a picture of random people, but it was a really nice way to cool down at the end of the day.

I will say, I was a little nervous before we went that day that having two babies had changed my love of amusement park rides.  Having babies totally messes with your body!  I was pleasantly surprised that I still love rides!!  If that weren't the case, it would have been a baaaad day.

It was a great date-day.  I love just being one on one with my hubby, he's pretty awesome.  And while I love my kids, someday, they will leave me and find someone new, and it will just be me...and Kristoffer, so I have to make sure I still like him ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love My Sister!

My one and only sister, Tabitha came into town the other week and we had fun fun fun together!  She came with her cute little Lydia-bug in tow and the kids had a playmate to entertain, and practice sharing skills with, haha!  And, count on me to be so enthralled with having my sister in town to completely forget my camera....everywhere!  Oh my, all of these pictures are courtesy of Tabitha's preparedness and her trusty camera.

Our first stop after picking Tabitha and Lydia was to stop at the goat farm for some goat milk for my little Owen.  And we couldn't get milk without saying 'hi' to the goats....and maybe offering them some tasty leaves to munch on.  The kids thought the teeny-tiny baby goats were the best.  They were such little goats, they couldn't even eat the leaves, they were that tiny!

There's that cute little Lydia.  She has the sweetest face with bright blue eyes and long curled dark lashes.  Her daddy had better watch out for them boys in a few years!
 Trying our hand with the BIG goats.

 We walked to the park and Owen immediately hi-tailed it to the steering wheel, he is all boy, this one is.
 Running and running around the playground.
 I can do this, I can do this!
 Hey, smiley boy!
 This little boy, he kept climbing on the bench; when he climbs on the chairs at home, I point my finger at him, and he thinks this is pretty silly, so lately, he's been pointing back at me.
 Crazy boy, he makes me smile.
 There's my sweet girl...headed down the slide with Lydia.

And then we also went to the zoo!  It was a HOT day, my-oh-my was it hot, phew!  We trudged through it and the kids, well, I think they enjoyed it!  We were all feeling the heat though, wowza.
 Sitting in the eagle's nest.
 Watching the sea lions.
 Owen and mommy.

 Here we all are!  On our way out.  I really do love the zoo, I just need to choose a cooler day.

I really am ashamed that I don't have more pictures to document on FUN-NESS, I like to think we were enjoying ourselves too much to bother with the camera!  Tabitha and her hubby (who flew in later) and Lydia went to their family reunion in Cedar City for a few days and then came back to finish the party at the Lyman house before heading home.  We were SO grateful to see them all, I miss seeing my sister, it always seems too long between visits.  Thanks for coming!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Family Pictures

Lest you get all excited and think that I have a multitude of pictures...well...I don't.  My awesome friend at church who does newborn photography (and more!) agreed to help me out and take a few pics of our family while my sister Tabitha and her family were in town (more on that later).

We hauled three very hungry and sleepy children out in front of the chapel after church on Sunday for a very abbreviated photo shoot.

Look at our cute family!  I am amazed when our family pictures turn out, and this one is just super cute.
 From left to right:  Ben (Tabitha's hubby), Lydia, Tabitha (and ((can I share?!)) little baby due in January!), Samantha, Marin, Kristoffer, Owen.
 Posing is tricky in slippery flats on damp grass on a hill with a floppy disinterested child on one hip, phew!
 My handsome boys, love them.
I am so glad we got to take a picture of all of us together, it always seems waaay too long in between when I get to see my siblings.  And hopefully I can coerce my friend Jessica into an actual family photo shoot for us later this summer, we reeeeeally need family pictures!

I Want To Be Like You...

In our house, daddy has reached 'super-hero' status, at least in Owen's eyes.  Daddy is on the brain from the moment Owen wakes up in the morning until he snuggles with froggy for bedtime.  Owen LOVES his daddy.  Owen also loves shoes.  He is very good about getting his little shoes when it's time to go, and also enjoys following you around the house with your shoes....whenever.  So Owen combined his love of daddy and shoes, and tried on daddy's shoes the other day.  What a cute little fella, he melts my heart...even though mommy is chopped liver when daddy is home,  it's the way it was meant to be. 

 Someday all too soon, my sweet little Owen, you will fit into your daddy's shoes and it will break my heart and fill me joy all in the same moment.  What a bittersweet dichotomy motherhood is; full of insurmountable joy and heart wrenching sadness all in one.  I've been told to enjoy my children while they are young, and I can totally see why!
 My two handsome boys.  What a proud wife and mom I am.  I could change the world in every other way there is and find medals and trophys on my shelf, but I would never find the happiness in my heart and in the smile on my face as I do with my little family.