Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Resolve

I have determined, now that I am starting to feel a touch better (tummy-wise), to implement some new healthy food initiatives in the Lyman house!  A LONG time ago (haha, right!), when I was pregnant with Marin, I purchased the book:  Deceptively Delicious, by Jessica Seinfeld at Sam's Club.  The thought at the time was to be prepared for the picky eating toddler-stage I knew would ensue at some point.   I read through the book and thought to myself..."I can do that, NO PROBLEM!".  I then misplaced the book for quite some time, searching occasionally for it, and during this move, delightfully recovered it and read through it again yesterday.  I now have a renewed sense of conviction to keep my family healthy and happy. 

After a tummy-nightmare yesterday and scarfing a shameful amount of cupcakes, I felt AWFUL!!!  No wonder, I knew I would, but I ate them anyway because I didn't know what else to eat that I could stomach.  I knew right then that as my tummy regained it's composure of the next couple of weeks, I needed to get back on track and start getting SNEAKY with Marin (and my tummy!).  That's right, SNEAKY!  Essentially, the book is a how-to guide that uses pureed veggies in a wide array of meals.  This way, kids (and adults!), get their nutrients without even knowing it.  Usually it's a half cup of puree for the entire recipe, and it all adds up!  NOW, lest you think that this process defeats the purpose of eating veggies...let me explain:  The foods you are making should be healthy in the first place, we're not talking about smearing  pureed carrots on your kids hamburger from Mickey-D's.  The book is very clear that the food is healthful to begin with, but advertises only the "yummy" aspect to kids, and sneaks in the nutrients.  Vegetables are ALWAYS still offered as a side dish and encouraged, but the chronic nagging from mom  to eat them can end!  You don't like it when your kids nag you, well....where do you think they learn it from? From nagging mama's!

So...as we speak, I am roasting sweet potatoes in the oven to puree and freeze and mix in with complimentary meals at my leisure.  I also purchased some cauliflower to steam and puree today too.  I am learning firsthand each evening how tough it is for a toddler to eat veggies, so I am trying something new with this 'new resolve'.  I want my little one to get everything she needs, and if I have to be a little sneaky to do that, then so be it, she will thank me in the years to come.  Ask me about my progress, hopefully I have good news to share.  And you should really check out the book, I do know they have a website: Deceptively Delicious.com, maybe you can find some tricks there also.  I am so excited to see how things go this week.  Tonight we are having Peirogies with Turkey Kielbasa and Peppers (and hidden pureed sweet potato), so I am crossing my fingers!  Later this week we are having Chicken Gravy (with pureed cauliflower) over biscuits. 

I am still at a weight gain of 4 pounds, so good news!  Let's hope I can keep myself on track!
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

To Tide You Over:

A few little pictures to tide over any Marin-hungry readers out there, she is such a busy, busy girl!

Marin licking the frosting from the spatula, she constantly resquests "lick-it!", when mommy has the mixer on.
Kristoffer giving a thumbs up on Monday night turning in his last two homework assignments!
Marin having some juice and reading "If you give a mouse a cookie", one of her favorites!

Marin helping mommy make Chicken tetrazzini for dinner the other night, yum!
Last Saturday at the Farmers market, Marin made a quilt square (with some help), and here it is!
She was reluctant to pose with it, so here she is running away with her quilt square.

Friday, July 23, 2010

And Our Next Act Will Be.......

Man, I feel like I have been choreographing the lead show for the Ringling Brothers Circus lately, our life has just been one nonstop scene after another! 

Good news then:  We are approved for the house!  If you are reading this post first, no, we are not buying, just renting, but I am very happy we will be moving into a more comfortable home.  I will FINALLY be able to unpack and organize and do all of my womanly/wifey things and make a nice home for our little family, and I can't tell you how excited I am to be able to do that :)  My sister posted some pics of her SUPER cute nursery on Facebook, and I am just itching to do the same and get nesting!

Strange news:  Kristoffer was checking his bank account last night and noticed some very odd and expensive charges, and clicked on the links which led him to a purchasing site for World of Warcraft paraphernalia....ummmm, yeah, NOT his for sure!  We are still not completely sure what happened, but Kris is calling the bank to freeze his account and figure out what happened.  He has a feeling some glow-skinned middle aged hacker tapped into his account for his personal purchases.  Super, I know, I am sure we will get this all straightened out with no loss.

Exhilarating news:  Kristoffer turned in his FINAL two assignments for his MBA program on Monday night!!!  And PASSED!!!!!!  My hubby is an official card carrying MBA man, woohoooo!  I am so proud of him!  He walked his walk 6 weeks ago for a diploma, but still had 6 weeks of classes left, but now.....NOW, he is DONE!  Good job honey, you made it :) No more homework and late nights on the computer!

Fun with Marin news:  Ahhh, my little bundle of joy is turning more and more into a 2 year old every day.....YUCK.  I guess I shouldn't say that, she is a joy for most of the day when I have plenty of patience to spare and share, but starting at dinnertime, I can't seem to find any more patience, good thing Kris is home to take over, my fuse has been extremely short courtesy of pregnancy.

Fun with Fetus news:  My little one is still growing and growing in there!  My belly is still a bit sensitive most days, but I have found that drinking an herbal tea from Celestial Seasonings called: Tension Tamer, has helped that.  It's loaded with B vitamins, peppermint, and all sorts of calming herbs, it really works wonders!  I have also entered the HEADACHE phase of pregnancy, blah.  I thought it would be another week or two, but alas, the headaches have arrived.  I am still in my first trimester, so I really don't want to take even Tylenol, so I just suffer through it for now.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with one, ugh, it's so hard to get to sleep with a pounding head.  Weight Gain Progress:  4 pounds.  A little more than I had hoped, but I chalk it up to only being able to stomach the foods that make you ...ahem...stopped up. But, I am keeping up with my exercise and feeling pretty good about that!  I am also very excited for next week, I have my first appointment with a MIDWIFE!  She works with a group of physicians covered by Kris's insurance (sweet!), and my appt is next Friday, in a week.  I am debating about hiring a doula, they can be pricey, so I will need to see what the role of the midwife is during labor, but we shall see.

We are hanging in there though, I think, rather, I HOPE the worst is over (did I just curse myself?), and we can settle in and breathe for a little bit before things start to shake up all over again!  Thank you all for your love and support, it's great having such wonderful friends and family :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Found Camera!

FINALLY I have found the camera!!  I am sure I posted this first one already, but it's so cute, I thought I would post it again...Marin is just such good friends with Mollie :)  One of the last pictures we took in that house :(

And just this morning, Marin chowing down on some oatmeal.  Lately, she has been plowing her way through some of the most Gi-normous breakfasts I think I have ever seen a 22 month old eat.  She will have a bowl of cereal, a cup of yogurt, just about a whole mango and blueberries to boot! 

We have found a lovely house that I think will be the place for us, Marin and I went to check it out and walk through it the other day, and it felt.....good.  We have put in an application and are hoping for the best, so cross your fingers and say a little prayer.  It's about the same size as our house in Las Vegas, but older.  I have had to remind myself that the homes here are older and more dated...for example: tile countertops and electric appliances, extensive carpeting (sometimes even in the dining area!).  But, seeing as it will fit our family without feeling too cramped, as well as fit our budget, this is the place for us (I hope!).  It does have AC (hooray!) and is NOT located next to train tracks (double hooray!) and does NOT have an HOA (ecstatic!!!) that likes to mow the lawns at 7am.  The backyard is pretty sloped, but it has some raised terrace beds so I can plant some veggies!!! I am VERY excited to be able to do that.

For now though, we remain here and are living out of boxes and eating...Top Ramen...kind of :)  I have been rediscovering my ULTRA thrifty side (I am thrifty already, but ULTRA thrifty refers to extremes).  We have been allocating cash for groceries and I know I have X-amount to spend for 4 weeks, and it has been working out well so far.  I have discovered Winco Foods, a super huge store almost like a Food-4-Less but with TONS of organic stuff and literally twice the selection, very dollar friendly.  They have a section dedicated exclusively to bag-your-own goods, including foods like, well, everything: cereals, granolas, soup mixes, spices, croutons, flour, chocolate, candy, pastas, dog/cat/bird foods....amazing!  Not to mention they mailed out a flyer with coupons for free food: hot dogs, buns, tortilla chips, strawberries and ice cream!  Yeah, we totally cashed in on that.  So we are making it and hopefully will be in our new home next month and beginning to find a routine, that will be nice for all of us....and I can start putting everything away where it belongs! 

We have been toying with an idea for selling cinnamon rolls at the Farmers Market next year...but ssshhhhh, I don't want to disrupt the growth of this very new idea until we are well on our way.  BUT if you happen to have suggestions for a a type of cinnamon roll, let me know so I can start experimenting....I will be trying out a strawberry cream cheese cinnamon roll as my first prototype :) YUM!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Step at a Time

I think we are evening out here in Oregon....finally.  While we are still in transition at this house, I have at least been able to function as a relatively stable wife and mommy, which makes me very happy indeed!  Here are some of our little updates:

Home:  We have found several nice homes for rent and have gone to the neighborhood to check them out and called/e-mailed to put in an application.  Unfortunately, we just have to wait until someone contacts us, so it's just a nice big fat waiting game...and I am SOOO bad at those!  But, we have temporarily adjusted to this house :)

Family:  Kristoffer is such a trooper and goes to work every morning, I just don't know how he does it!  I would go crazy if I had to do what he does!  Marin and I spend the day playing and cleaning and doing all the home-front stuff.  We have also discovered that Portland is not immune to fleas (like Las Vegas), and have been dealing with those pesky jumpers, ugh....I remember from New York what that's like.

Marin:  She has been just the sweetest little thing, what a sweetheart, we love our little girl so much.  Since we took her to the beach, her face got some sun, as did the crown of her hair...making it look almost white in some areas, she is just the cutest thing (I'M SORRY I WISH I HAD PICTURES!!!!!).  We have been going for walks and playing outside in the grass.  She has been chatting with sentences and putting so many words together, my little one is growing up so fast!  It's amazing to see her little brain work, she can choose when I give her choices and follow instructions, just amazing....and many people comment on how smart she is for not even being two yet!  That's my girl!

Mama:  I FINALLY mailed in all of the tedious paperwork for my nursing license endorsement here in Oregon....what a lengthy and EXPENSIVE process!  Let me tell you, it is a HUGE weight off my shoulders that it is finally in the mail.  I am hoping it won't take too long, that way I can start looking for a part time job somewhere :)  Preggo Mama:  Feeling mostly ok, it's funny how pregnancy hormones affect you differently each time around.  With Marin I was throwing up almost nightly, and this time around, the hormones have settled into my face, making me breakout and break-down in tears.  I have frustratingly bad skin this time around, and any weird little thing will make me cry.  Marin was watching Happy Feet yesterday, and I started to tear up and had to choke down a sob....so strange!  My little belly (already) is starting to come out, at only 9 weeks.  I guess it's true what they say about being all stretched out from the first one!  I didn't start to show with Marin until I was about 14 weeks, and now I have a nice little pooch that makes it extremely uncomfortable to sit down with buttoned jeans...so I kind of just look like I've had a big lunch....super. 

For all of you who have been praying for us or have been assisting us in any way, we really appreciate and love you!  This has truly been one of the most challenging and emotional rides we've had to endure in a while, and we thank you all for your love and kindness.  Once we get settled into our new home....we are open for visitors (hint, hint)!!!  And, we will show you all that Portland has to offer :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!

Phew!  What a whirlwind ride we have been on the last 10 days.  And it is not over yet!  For those of you who have been thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers....thank you, I can't imagine how much worse things would have been without a few prayers on our side.  In all reality, I am hoping the worst is over, but it certainly threw us for a loop.  Things are evening out now, so that is good news indeed, here is a recap of our..ahem..journey/adventures:

*Marin and I fly to Portland without a hitch and stay a few days at Kristoffer's aunt's home (so sweet of her!).
*Kristoffer drives to the north part of Nevada, you know, near East Hamster NOWHERE...and the truck breaks down at 10pm.  He calls emergency roadside assistance with no luck, I call...twice, and finally speak to an agent who will send him a truck to haul  him into the nearest town....3 hours away.  Kris finally makes it into town at 6:30 the next morning, where he is provided with  new truck and informed he will need to reload it HIMSELF!  SOOOO not kosher, so he hassles until they agree to send him some help to reload the truck.
*Kris finally makes it into town on July 5th and we step into our new home.  We are greeted by the smell of old wet musty dog...and stale cigarettes...ewwwww! (smoking is so nasty and will kill you, by the way).  We have some help from a few guys from our new ward, and they place our belongings in this smelly house with dirty carpets. 
*My poor hubby hauls himself to work the next day, while Marin and I stay home and I unpack the kitchen (I would have gone crazy). We also begin the first of  a 4 day run of 100+ degree weather..in PORTLAND..with no air conditioning.  I am beside myself by Thursday night and start crying because I am so hot and uncomfortable.  Kris sees the need for an air conditioner, so we scamper off to Home Depot for sweet relief.
*Friday was Kristoffer's 30th birthday!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  He did have to work, but we had delicious steak sandwiches for dinner, and some cake.
*Today we went to the beach for some fresh air and a little family getaway.

My poor hubby has been beside himself trying to make things wonderful for his family, and he has just been working so hard :) I love him for that.  I have been getting my paperwork ready to send in to have my RN license endorsed here in Oregon...that also means that in the meantime, I'm not working, so things will be bit snug for the next little while....I am determined to make it all work though, it will be an excellent refresher for me..I will say that getting used to a nurse's salary can be dangerous!

We are still looking for a nice place though, we are hoping to only be in our present home for another month, tops.  Wish us luck on that! 

Marin has been wonderful, she is so smart and saying phrases and things that make me wonder where she learned that!  Such a cutie with her blond piggy tails and blue eyes, she is a charmer.  It was so cute to hear her say "Happy Birthday Daddy!", although the word birthday sounded more like 'thursday'....

I would like to say I have pictures, but our camera is tucked away somewhere and I am having no luck locating it!  Hopefully soon though, just browse through the old pics until I can take some new ones :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

I had a friend post this up on Facebook, and I cried.  I am sure most of you reading this blog have experienced the hardships motherhood has brought, but I also hope you have been able to experience it's sweet and wonderful rewards too.  Elder Holland gives a very touching address expressing his gratitude to amazing mothers everywhere:

I can truthfully say I am not a perfect mother, and there are many days I pray that the Lord will forgive me for losing my patience or not being as attentive as I could be.  I just pray each night that I can be better the next day for my little girl...she deserves so much and I know the Lord is trusting me to lead and guide her to eternal life.  If I don't do my part, she will be lost to me....forever, I cannot bear the thought of solitude for eternity. 

Families CAN be together forever, through Heavenly Father's plan....I always want to be with my own family...and the Lord has shown me how I can.....the Lord, has shown me how I can. 

For more information on how you can be together forever with YOUR family, click HERE.