*Cool Foodie Mama*

I LOVE to cook.  That said, I also enjoy a good old fashioned delivery pizza every now and then, but my heart belongs in the kitchen and I would spend each day experimenting in there, if I could!  There is just something so soothing and wonderful to me knowing that I can create marvelous dishes and flavors from simple ingredients laying on my counter...and the metamorphosis is beautiful.  Chopping, stirring, smelling, listening...everything to the end of a recipe makes me smile...except maybe the waiting.  I'm terrible at waiting.  And, I also have a family to feed and a child to entertain while I cook...this translates into my need for simple, elegant meals I can prepare with ease and present to my family that will make them want to gobble it right up.  While cooking for a two year old means that not EVERY dish will be a winner, it does mean I am offering her the best of what I have to offer, and expanding her pallet.

I am by NO means a professional chef, for sure!  I too have my culinary blunders, but my successes are what I share with you, in hopes that I can give you ideas and recipes to share with your family.  I know the struggle of looking at the clock at 4pm and thinking, "Ok, what am I going to make for dinner?!".  This is where Cool Foodie Mama comes to the rescue.  The recipes on my blog are meant to inspire and get food on the table.  Each recipe has is either a new adventure or a simple and quick solution to a busy day.

So browse away!  I try to add new recipes to my blog often, but please be patient during my "lulls", it's a busy world out there!

I will try to figure out how to get a live feed on this page, but for now, just click on the link below and Get Cookin'!!