Thursday, July 30, 2009

I do not want them, mom-I-am! I do not want to eat my yams!

Mmmmm, some days are just not happy-high-chair eating days. I think maybe it's been so hot out, that she hasn't been very interested in eating, I have had to force feed a few bites here and there (Hey! I don't LIKE doing it!). But, I suppose we'll make it :)

AND. . . .! I now having a running vehicle again! Kris called me from work to walk me through changing the battery, and I was doing ok, until I hit a bolt that I just couldn't loosen. It was waaaaay at the bottom and none of the tools would fit. So, the sweet, loving, wonderful husband that I have, came home on his lunch break and changed my battery in his dress pants and tie. I love my hunny so much, he is a great husband and he is so dedicated to his family and I am such a lucky lady :)

I was really excited for dinner tonight, an old friend from insitute was heading down from Salt Lake for a conference here and he was going to have dinner with us. He told me he wasn't going to make it, and now I am totally bummed! But, instead, I invited some friends from the ward over with their little baby, so that will be fun. We are having steak sandwiches, broccoli gratin, salad and for dessert. . . homemade NY cheesecake with a cherry reduction sauce. Mmmmmmm!

Ok, I need to hit the showers. I did my 2 miles this morning with interval speed increases for the last 3/4 mile, and as tough as it was, I feel really good right now! But I am SWEATY and GROSS!

Oh, and I think my parents will be coming out sometime in September, maybe for Labor Day. It will still be hot, but at least not as hot as it is in August, when they have come out for the last 2 years. But, if my mother can conquer her fear of ticket-buying-commitment, maybe we'll see them!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Birthday Invitations and Car Batteries

What do you do with a lovely, HOT morning and no working car? You install your own car battery, that's what! I was hoping my car would start yesterday for me so I could go to Wal Mart and buy a battery, no luck though. So Kris bought a battery on the way home from class last night, and he'll call me today and talk me through how to change it. Hmmm, I guess we'll see how that goes!

I always like Wednesday mornings. Kris doesn't go into work until 10 (although he works until 7), but that gives us a morning to hang out and have breakfast and actually wake up before we start our day. This morning I made some blueberry pancakes, one of Marin's favorites! She LOVES blueberry pancakes, and she gobbled down a whole pancake and then a few bites of mommy's pancake. Hungry girl!

So, Marin's bedroom has two windows, and they face east, so her room, even with the shades pulled, gets nice and bright in the morning. I have been meaning to put something up, but in an effort to get a chance to sleep in this morning, I kind of did a quick hang up drape job last night. I had this big chocolate brown drape from our apartment that I had sewed with a friends machine. I had initally used it as a light-keeper-outer between the bathroom and the bedroom, but I don't use it now. So. . . I hung it up over the windows last night, and her room this morning was DARK! Marin is an early riser, and is typically up at 7 am (blah), but this morning, she slept until 8:30! We were some happy parents to get a few extra minutes of sleep :)

I have finally finished Marin's birthday party invitations, and had I had a working car yesterday, I would have mailed them out, but I am hoping I can do it today, I just need to get some postcard stamps. I took a picture of very step in the process, so you can see what I did, I had lots of fun, I love that kind of stuff :)

I have found that I need some running sneakers. I have some great cross training sneakers that I bought a few months back, and they have been great for what I have been doing so far, stair stepper, weights, bike, etc. . ., but now that I am exclusively running, it's not the right fit. I actually got blisters on my feet (but I finished my 2 miles!). So, at some point, I need to get some runnin' shoes!

OK! Picture Time!

Marin enjoying her blueberry pancakes this morning, YUM!

Marin's new toy, it shoots little plastic balls out of the center and up into the air, and then when they fall, they may or may not land in the catcher part to roll back down for another pass up the chute. She loves to sit there and watch the balls fly up and try to catch them, and when the music stops, she knows to push the button so it will start all over again. She is so funny! She'll take a ball and roll it down the floorand chase after it squeeling the whole way, she is so cute!

Look at me! Well, my hand at least, I'm cleaning the battery terminals in my car.

The battery terminals after I sprayed soe cleaning stuff on them, looks gross huh!

The start of my invites, I printed off the template and personalized them, then made copies. . .
. . . all cut out. . .

cutting the backing out of yellow paper

taping the backing to the back of the invite

All of them are taped on!

Addressed and cute little white daisy stickers finish the invitation off. They a soooo cute!

Up close of the front and the back. Postcard stamps are cheaper, so that's why I wanted a postcard. Hopefully they won't have any trouble with them at the post office!

Ok, I need to get ready and moving, today is really slipping by! Have a great one guys :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Training Day. . . is everyday apparently

Yesterday morning I drug myself and baby girl to the Y so I could eagerly hop on the treadmill and RUN. And run I did! For almost 2 miles, which, is a big step for moi post preggo. I got off and I was already sore, and then even more sore after I rested on the bed when monkey was sleeping. I feel pretty good now, but I need to get to the gym again today, and pretty much every day for that matter. It is going to be a LONG way before I can get to 13.1 miles!

When Kris got home from work yesterday, we packed up the kiddo and headed grocery shopping, well, we tried. My car finally crapped out. BLAH! At least it decided to do it in he garage I guess. It made this loud clicking sound, which, from experience, tells me it may be the starter. We actually could jump the car, but I called my dad for some advice anyway. So lst night I was up until 1130 in a hot garage with 2 running cars, some dirty jumper cables, and some equipment I didn't really know how to use/read, trying to fix my car. It was NOT a pretty sight. A sweaty girl fumblig around with a wrench trying to get stubborn screwey things un-screwed. I did manage to clean off the bttery terminals, which were not super corroded, but I sure as heck cleaned 'em anyway! And I fiddled around for a little while until Kris decided to tell me he had a voltage meter. Geez! That would have saved some time! Anyway, I think I am going to get a new battery for my car, I am pretty sure it's ridin' the E regardless, so I am off to Wal Mart today.

Just one pic for you today, Marin has found she can climb up onto the fouton and join in the fun, this is her after she made it to the top!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Je T'adore, ma cherie. . . .

Ahhh, this morning Kris and I had a long talk about our eventual trip to Paris, and we were both getting really excited! The thought of strolling along the streets of Paris, eating croissants and cheese and smelling other people drinking wine. . . :) The thought still makes me delirous wth excitement. We would love to take a dinner cruise and enjoy the sights by night, then travel to Nice and enjoy the ocean breeze and lay on the beach. We would also really like to take an overnight train to Norway and visit Kris's family there. I haven't had a chance to meet so many of them, and this would be such a wondeful thing, and of course check out the family's stomping grounds! WAY FUN! I get excited just thinking about getting to speak what very little French I know (even though as a tourist, I would sound like an idiot!). We are still adding to our Paris Fund, little by little, and we will need to hunker down even more to make it happen, but it's close :)

If you don't know already, Marin's birthday is close on the horizon! I cannot believe my little girl is almost one, that just amazes me that we all made it! Marin has been, all thins considered, just a joy this past year. She has been such a good baby and I get nervous thinking about what kind of children the future holds for us, Marin has set the bar pretty darn high. Anyway, after months of hemming and hawing, I have decided what to do for her birthday. A potluck. That's right, a potluck. I debated long and hard about it and knew I didn't want a giant party and have to spend tons of money to buy food and have no one show up, or make it myself and have no one show up, so a potluck is solution. I jut want a fairly small gathering to wish her a happy birthday. And it will not be a day long affair either, a couple of hours, so my frineds and their babies can get back to their lives and naps and whatever else they need to do. I was able to download an invitation from the internet and print it off, so now I just need to personalize it, make copies and send it out! Nice! I am debating about whether or not to make Marin's cake, you know, the one for her that she can make an absolute mess out of. I guess I could buy it, but I need the challenge, right? We'll see, I don't have anything to decorate it, so I'll need to buy a few gadgets I guess. I also need to plan a few games for our older guests, so I'll be looking for ideas!

My family photo album project is turning into quite a project. I have been sorting through sooo many photos! I have over 650 photos, just from August to December of last year! Not to mention how many I have from THIS year. Ugh, what a job, it is taking a while, but I know that once I get them onto shutterfly, I can have my fun and start creating!

So, I was chatting with my friend from the ward the other day, her baby just turned one this month, and she told me that she is training for a half marathon. I was absoluly shocked! She is not a runner at all, but she told me she had been getting up at 4:30 in the morning to run. I was really impressed, (and I told her she looked great, which she did), and it got me thinking. . .. Maybe I could run one too? I haven't decided on anything yet, but my wheels are turning. The concept of running 15 miles seems do-able enough, at my best when I was single and running 3 times a week, I could do 5 miles. The part that just kills me is that I would be running for close to three hours! It just seems as though there is something really wrong with running for almost 3 hours! I told Kris he could drive to Mesquite (a solid hour away), visit with his friends for 45 minutes and drive back, and I would still be plugging away! Crazy. I really need to talk myself into this one, but the challenge would be a big one, and I know it would be worth it.

Well, I have tried to load this video three times, and it's not loading. We bought Marin a new toy and she likes it. I'll try again tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Struggling to Balance

There are moments, such as tonight, when a wife, such as myself, just doesn't know what to do. When her husband comes home an hour late from a bad day at work and finds out he needs to be home teaching. . . 5 minutes ago from a message left on his phone. . . . 10 minutes ago. And he needs to be at the employment center in 30 minutes for 2 hours so he can come home and spend 10 minutes eating and another 2 hours doing homework, before he crawls into bed next to a frustrated and guilty-for-feeling-that-way wife. Where do I even begin? Even now just writing this I have such sympathy for my guy that it brings tears to my eyes, and wondering how much of my husband I can sacrifice before I have the right to get upset, and what kind of awife am I if I DO get upset when I know he is working so hard. So, as I vent my sad frustration, I wonder how we are going to get through the next 16 months of school. I am trying so hard to find that balance that so many couples have, and GRRRRR! I just can't find it!

Marin seems to be coloring in her new library books with a ballpoint pen, so I need to end my sad little housewife epithet and put the child to bed :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Puff pastry is one of those things that I see people cooking with all the time, but I never try it out, so I have all these different ways I can use it, but never try them out. Well last night I did. I put together a mixture of ground turkey sausage, sauteed japanese eggplant, parmesean, fontina, mozzarella, marinara sauce, and angel hair pasta. Then I put the mixture into a puff pastry lined springform pan, baked it for an hour, and VOILA! It came out looking amazing! Nothing gives you a great wow factor like puff pastry I guess. And it tasted pretty dang delicious too. Take a look:

Fresh out of the oven, cooled for 10 minutes.
Sliced into for a perfect piece of deliciusness.

Our little Marin has been such a . . . crank-pot! Ugh! Since Sunday she has been sleepy all the time which is fine, but she wakes up crying from her nap and wakes up crying in the morning and wakes up in the middle of the night and cries. She only eats a few bites of her food before she pushes her food away and won't eat anymore. I just don't know what to do with her! I'm not sure if she is teething again, or if she is just going through a growth spurt. I hope it's temporary though, I am not used to having a cranky baby!

Ooh, I must say, my body hurts from the gym yesterday! I LOVE that feeling. I went running on the treadmill, but don't get me wrong, when I run, it is the slowest run EVER! It's the only way I'll go longer than 2 minutes, I actually suprised myself and went for 20 minutes! I am very proud of that! Then I got on some machines and did some "chin-up" work, and boy I feel that in my arms! I always love how I feel the day after I work out, sore and thin and my muscles feel tight, best feeling ever :)

I have been experimenting a lot with some healthier food alternatives. I figure I am never going to lose the weight if I don't have things I will eat around the house. So I've started buying ground turkey and turkey sausage, gluten free crackers, low fat cheeses, lentils (still working on that one!), whole wheat pasta, and a TON more fruits and veggies of course. It still is a challenge because I have to get my body used to NOT being hungry all the time from either being pregnant or nursing (Marin is down to twice a day now!), so my stomach is adjusting. I know I can do this!

Marin eating some blueberries yesterday, she LOVES blueberries, plus they are in season now, so they are cheaper.

I have my friend Emily coming over today for a playdate, I'm so excited! So I need to go get ready!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just some old stuff. . . .

I only have a few quick minutes before I head off to meet a new sister on my new VT route, I am so excited! Marin this past week has been exHAUSTED! She has been taking long 3 hour naps and has been sleepy in between (which, by the way, translates into cranky), eating just nibbles for her meals. I think she is going through a growth spurt, and gearing up for the big walk all by herself! She is so close! Marin's favorite words to say lately have been dog, kitty, and daddy and of course uh-oh. She has really gotten into putting things inside something else, like her toy barn, she likes to pt the animals inside and shut the door and open in up and take them out again.

Ok, I have to run, I know it's not much, but I'll post more this week. These pics are a recap of Kris's birthday.

Marin eating dinner on the way up to Salt Lake last week.

Our delicious dinner of Pan seared lobster roast with roasted figerling potatoes, salsa verde and spicy tomato relish, and cilantro rice, complete with sparkling peach juice.

Marin wanted some cake...

I felt a little bad about not making a cake for Kris this year and making creme brulee, so I just bought a little piec of cake from Smith's so Kris sould at least blow out candles.
Marin getting into my tupperware.

Morning playtime in her jammies.

With her books from the library, she looooves books!

Know CPR, Save a LIfe

Yes I know, doesn't this sound like a fun blog everyone? Thursday night I co-taught an enrichment meeting on first aid and CPR. It went really well, and there was a great turnout, plus, everyone walked away with some super essential info on how to treat burns, cuts, accidental ingestion of . . .stuff, choking and how to do CPR. So, without further ado, here it is, your child CPR training, for FREE!

*Ok, lets start with what's considered a "child". Child refers to anyone under the age of puberty, once they start developing underarm hair, pubic hair etc, they are considered an adult in the CPR world.

*You may think when you find a child not breathing, you should call or help first. WRONG! When it's a kid, every second counts, so you drop to your knees and get to work! We'll go over when to call for help in a minute.

When you do CPR, remember your ABC's: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. Go in order!

Airway: When you see a kid on the ground, and it doesn't look as though there was been any sort of trauma or fall, open the airway. Do this by rolling them onto their back and tipping their chin up gently so their nose is pointing towards the ceiling. This opens their trachea to allow air to enter in when you give your breaths. Do not over-extend their neck as it will close off their ariway.

Breathing: Look listen and feel for any signs of breathing, if they are breathing, you DO NOT want to do CPR (of course!), if they are not breathing, you need to give 2 initial rescue breaths. For an infant, put your mouth over the their mouth and nose and give 2 gentle breaths each over 3 seconds so you can see the chest rise.

Circulation: For lay person CPR, you will not be checking for a pulse. If you have had CPR training, you can check for a pulse, but most people don't know how to do that, so you don't want to waste your precious time doing this. Chances are, if they are not breathing, their heart will not be beating for much longer anyway. SO. . . . . . start compressions. Find the center of their chest, in between their nipples and compress 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest. for an infant, you can use your first two fingers, for a small child, you may only need to use one hand. Try and remember to keep you elbow straight when you do this, your arm is going to get darned tired if you don't.

*Your compression to breath ratio is 30:2 for EVERYONE, EVERY AGE! (If you have two rescuers and the victim is 1 year and younger, your ratio can be 15:2)

*You should be compressing at a rate of 100 beats per minute, think of the Bee Gee's song "Stayin' Alive", and compress to that beat, best trick EVER.

*After you provide your initial 2 rescue breaths and you perform 5 rounds of CPR (30:2 times five), THEN you call for help. Dial 911, throw the phone on the ground and continue CPR, they can hear you through the phone, just yell at them and tell them where you live and you kid is not breathing. Your first priority is the child.

Ok, lets pull it all together, it's really pretty easy, and just remember, ANY CPR IS BETTER THAN NO CPR!!!! I am posting a handout that I gave that night:

A: Airway, open it, tilt the chin so the nose is pointing to the ceiling.
B: Breathing. Look, listen and feel. If not breathing, provide 2 gentle rescue breaths
C: Circulation. Get the blood moving by providing compressions. The compression to breath ratio is:
1 person rescue: 30:2
2 person rescue: 15:2
*compressions should be at a rate of 110 beats per minute or to the beat of the song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gee’s.

Choking For Children
1 year or younger: Provide back blows up to 5 times. If not breathing, also provide CPR, 5 cycles, followed by 5 more back blows, then a check for the object in the mouth
Older than 1 year: Perform the Heimlich maneuver. If not breathing, then provide CPR while periodically checking the mouth for any object.
*Never do a blind sweep for the object as it may push the object further into the throat.

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

I know it sounds scary, and hopefully you will never have to use this, but if you do, maybe you will be a little more prepared after reading this. Just remember, ANY CPR is better than NO CPR! And, because you have invested the time to learn about it, the Spirit will guide you in those moments and help you to remember. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And MORE photos!

Our fun day at Snowbird! We had the best day and had yummy cheeseburgers for lunch, ahhh the good ol days.

So the alpine slide was so fun, but Kris fell off! Ouch! We both started off full speed ahead, and then I didn't see him next to me until after I had gotten to the bottom. The poor guy had tipped his car and had a nasty scrape on the elbow. Poor thing, but. . . I DID win . . . .

The bungee tramp you'll see some pics of. They attach you to a harness with bungee cords on either side and gift you a bit of a lift while you jump on a huge trampline. It is great fun, and they give you 5 minutes to jump, which may not sound like a lot of time, but once you start doing backflips, it is a LOOOONG 5 minutes. I think I pinched a nerve in my spine though, I am getting OLD!

The zip line? Also great. I was hoping for a zip line you hold onto for dear life, but guess that would have been too much of liability. They have you sit in this little sling while you go down, so still cool, but not dangerous!

We had a great time, and hopefully we can find time to take another family vacation again soon, we like to party!

Family Photos from Salt Lake

Here is a slideshow of the family pics we had taken at the park, I'm not sure which park, Draper maybe? Anyway, it was a gorgeous day, a little hot, but beautiful. Marin was on the verge of being too tired and irritable, but did manage to get some great smiles from her, and she really did very well. Melodie found some roses growing on the other side a neighbors fence and picked a few to use in the shots. I just love the pics, so amazing!

3 Years Later. . .

I have sooo many pics to show you all! We just got back last night from a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake, it was JUST what the doctor ordered. Saturday morning after Kris played a round of golf with his buddy BJ, we headed up to Salt Lake. Sunday morning we played with family, and that afternoon we met up with Melodie, Sam and Trine to take some BEAUTIFUL family photos, they turned out soooo well, just incredible. Sam takes the most amazing pics :) We even got to hear a few rumbles of thunder while we were at the park, I thought maybe I could see some rain, but it held off.

Saturday night Kris and I headed up to Snowbird and left Marin with Trine until the following morning. Marin had lots of fun playing with her Bestemor and playing with her (1st? 2nd? Once or twice removed??) cousins. Kris and I had a wonderful evening to ourselves that night complete with a leisurely, delicious dinner and a little sprinkle of rain :) The next day we played like a bunch of little kids at the fair. I had no idea, but at Snowbird in the summer, they have some great activities, we tried to do all of them. They had an alpine slide (story to follow later!), a zip line, mechanical bull ride (yes, even I rode the bull!), rock wall, bungee trampoline, and lots of sun to soak up. We had sooo much fun! It was great to spend the day with my husband, sans baby. We also took the tram ride up to the top of the mountain, this in particular held sentimental value to us. 3 years ago in May, Kris took me up to the top of the mountain and proposed at 11,000 feet. I remember the day so well too. I was putting my makeup on and watched Kris pace back and forth down the hallway. Then as we drove to the resort, he was DEAD silent, I could barely get two words out of him! When we finally got there, I knew he was up to something, and couldn't help myself from having some fun, so I tried to stand next to him and snuggle up, and he would stiffen up his elbow and try and keep me away (What's in that pocket babe?!). When we go to the top, we went to the side of the mountain, he mumbled a few things (even I can barely remember that part), knelt down and asked me to be his wife. I had to answer pretty hastily because we were in the snow and sliding down the side of the moutain. But I already knew what I would say. When we were up there this weekend, I jut couldn't believe it had been over three years since the proposal! So much has happened since then, and it was very nostalgic for us both.

After we soaked up the sun that day we drove back to find a cvery happy little girl, who was also very happy to see mommy and daddy. Then we headed over to Ruth's Diner for a wonderful birthday dinner, courtesy of Trine, I guess the diner is a legend in Salt Lake. Tuesday morning came much too soon. We had to leave so Kris could go to class that night. Oh how I wish we could have stayed a week at least! We had so much more fun to be had up there. I do love going up to visit and seeing our family. They have always been so kind and welcoming and I miss them already!

Ok, details and pictures to follow, I hear a little Marin monkey jabbering away in her crib, so off I go!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Today is Kris's Birthday! Hooray! I know he gets less and less excited about his birthday each year (I don't really blame him!), but heck, a birthday is a birthday and requires celebration! Unfortunately he had to work today, but hopefully I can make him smile when he gets home. Last night he wasn't feeling very well either, but. . . I made him some veggie soup, dosed him up with OJ, tylenol and benadryl, made him wear a sock around his neck (if you grew up in my home, you know what that means) and put some vicks on him. Poor guy, the things you have to put up with when your married to a nurse.

So, because growing up in MY home, we always had a birthday dinner, Kris is going to have a birthday dinner too. I asked Kris to go through the Bobby Flay coobook he got me for my birthday, and he picked out what he wanted, so. . .on the menu for tonight:

Kris's 29th birthday dinner menu:

*Lobster Pan Roast with Salsa Verde and Spicy Tomato Relish
*Roasted New Potatoes
*Cilantro Rice
*And for dessert: A birthday Creme Brulee! (Who does that? really.)

I must say, I HAD to taste test the creme brulee (Bobby Flay says that if your not tasting, your not cooking!), and it. . . is. . . delicious! Mmmmm, complete with crispy sugary caramelized crust on top.

Ok, I can't spend too much time on the computer today, I still have a lot to do, so off I go! I guess I should say a few tidbits about Marin, she is a happy girl! She has a bit of a runny nose today, but still smiling, cute girl. Those front teeth are really starting to show, so when she smiles, you can see them peeking out from behind her lips. Poor girl is looking more and more like a hillbilly :)

So drop Kris a text and tell him Happy Birthday! He is just the best husband ever and I love him to pieces!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Little Summer Splashing

Mmmmm, such a nice day. Although it IS hot outside, Marin and I have been cooling off in the sun! We went to the park up the road to play in the water. Marin has so much fun playing with the water that shoots out of the ground and from the big rings. We didn't stay very long, Marin's dress was pretty wet and it was getting close to naptime, so we packed up and left. Not much on the menu for today or tomorrow. I just need to get a final answer on what Kris wants for his birthday dinner on Thursday. I do know for sure that we'll be having creme brulee for dessert. There is just something about guys and creme brulee. I don't know what it is, but every guy's fancy choice for dessert is almost always creme brulee. I have some vanilla beans that are dying for some kitchen love, so they will be put to good use :)

Picture Time!

There were some other kids playing at the park too.
Chicking things out.
Boy it was windy! I actually put on a skirt before we left to stay cool, but it was flying everwhere!

Soaking it all in.
Marin with mama!

Oh dear, this is what happens when Marin see's that daddy has a plateful of food and she gets taken from his lap and put into her high-chair. NOT a happy girl. Crocodile tears though. As soon as she was in daddy's lap, she was happy as a clam.

Have a great day!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode to Baby Weight

I can remember them well. Those carefree, thin days of my past, filled with favorite jeans and
slim(-mer) body. Being able to wear clothes and not feel. . . . like I'm in someone else's skin. And then, a thought was. . . thought, and a belly began to swell, pushing out and out and out. Would there be no end?! The belly was large, and demanded respect, (for it was carrying a child of love of course), but also because if it fell, it would pull with it the also growing mother, crushing the unlucky soul trapped in it's path. For weeks the belly continued to grow and stretch and create life. . . . and stretch marks. All while the mother grew sadder and sadder, looking at her now mis-shapen form, bulging in the mirror before her. She longed for the day when the child would emerge, and she could have her once beloved body back. And the day came, life was born, and free to grow on it's own, outside of mothers body. Mother then began to work very hard to find herself again amidst all the stretch marks and extra baby weight. . . "Where AM I?!" she cried! She exercised and saw that fat does not LIKE exercise, and a few pounds ran away. She was very pleased with this indeed! Alas, after much more exercising, mother realized she had . . . .plateaued. HA HA! The scale laughed in her face. So mother, in her desperation, said to herself. . . "I do not need so much junk food, I say!". And she gave a mighty effort to banish the delicious demons from even entering the house (although, after 9 months of pregnancy, this IS very hard). For weeks she longed after cream sauce on her pasta, or chocolate, the ultimate enemy. And with much trepidation, she stepped on the scale to find. . . success! More of those lingering pounds had run off and joined their banishd friends. "Well then," she thought to herself "I must be on the right track.". Mother continued as best she could, tripping here and there, and finding that ever enticing enemy, chocolate, was always there to find her. After months of sweaty mountains climbed and run, and food left on the plate, she stepped on the scale, ever hopeful to find, THE SAME THING! "Huh?!" she cried "How can this be?!!!" Day after day she would weigh herself again in the morning, hoping for a miracle. And day after day, the scale showed her the same spread. After becoming sad one last morning, mother remembered something! In 6 weeks, after the child has weaned, she can now DIET! This very thought brought her back to her single days. . . thinking of slim fast shakes and small portions and times when I am just NOT hungry (for that does not happen now). And this thought made her very happy indeed. And her whole face smiled with great anticipation, and she could feel the fat shaking on her body, as they were scared to their bones! And she smiled again. Oh, baby weight. No one wants you. No one likes you. You, are a menace to society, and mothers everywhere. But THIS mother. . . . THIS mother, will hve NO MORE of you, and soon, you will be gone.

Coming Up!

I am SO excited for this week! I know it's not like a TON of crazy stuff is happening, but our run of the mill routine is going to be shaken up a bit, so I am reeeeally excited for that! Friday is Kris's birthday, he will be 29! Holy cow! I can't believe I am married to a guy that is almost 30! Although I work on Friday, I am not working Saturday (I already worked yesterday), so that means fun and games for us! I'll be hanging out with baby most of the day, but Kris will (hopefully) have a great time :) Saturday evening we'll be heading up to Salt Lake for the weekend. I'm hoping Sunday we'll be able to take some family photos, I'm not sure where, but I'm sure we'll find some lovely parks or something, I am VERY excited to have some updated family pics, the first we've taken sine Marin was 6 weeks. If we're lucky, Kris and I might be able to steal away for a night to ourselves if Trine is willing to watch the little one for a night. It has been a LONG time since we have been able to be by ourselves :)

My weekend was LONG! Man, I remember now why I do NOT work full time! 3 days in a row is exhausting! Plus, I missed my family! Friday I was in NICU, we won't go there. But Saturday and Sunday I was back in my home unit, and I had a GREAT run of patients. Ah, SUCH a pleasure. I love working pediatrics, it really is so fun for me, and so rewarding. You might think it's sad working with sick kids, but they can change in a second and get better in no time, and I LOVE being able to see the progress and help "fix" them :) I have found my cup of tea!

I did miss going to church on Sunday with my family :( Kris and Marin had a great time through the weekend though. Friday Kris didn't work because of the holiday, and he took baby to Mt. Charleston to go rock climbing. So, Marin had a crash course in that :) Saturday they went to the park and played in the water section, Marin LOVED that. We actually took her to the pool Thursday night, and it was sooo funnny! She was a splasing FOOL! Quite a bit different from when we took her a few months ago, she just thought it was nice and relaxing then. NOW, it is a big fun tub of water to splash in!

Her two front teeth are now very visible, and SHARP! Poor girl fell and bit her tongue in the bathtub last night and was bleeding :( But, they have a little ways to go before they are in completely.

Marin has been showing us her balancing skills. She will stand for quite some time on her own now. When we help her walk and let her go, she'll just stand there in the middle of the room, and it is so strange to see a baby standing up with a big 'ol head and little legs. She is still pretty top heavy though! I can't believe she will be walking soon! CRAZY!

Ok, I need to start the day, Picture time!

Marin last night standing up by herself, such a big girl!
And thank YOU. . . Marin. She pulled all her diapers out, what a big help!

The next few pics from Kris's phone, so they are a little fuzzy. Marin enjoying the water-spray at the park.

I can reach it daddy, I can reach it. . . . almost!

Mmmmmm, can't beat the taste of water-park water.

Taking everything in. . .

Don't have a heart attack dad! Marin rock climbing with daddy.

She had such a great time hanging out on the rocks.
Our friend Jamie took this pic, Marin was watching daddy up on the wall.

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Las Vegas would like to Welcome: The Dog Days of Summer!

Phew! It has been TOASTY outside lately! Even if you go air conditioned store to air conditioned house, you still have to get to your car, and sit in it while it cools down. And I feel bad for poor miss monkey, her car seat gets so warm, and she knows it, she doesn't like to put he head back. Speaking of carseats. . . I think it's time to start looking for a stage 2 front facing car seat! Can you believe that?! I can't, I just can't believe I have daughter that is almost one! Marin will enjoy facing forward I think, it gets a little boring looking at the back of the seat :)

Ahh, last night was Young Womens and I am glad I went. My friend has a 3 month old baby and is feeling the effects of those long nights and . . . . well, she had a few other things on her mind that she needed to vent about. Every new mom has been there, so I was glad she could vent it off, and I hope I offered some helpful advice :)

Kris wrapped up his first intro class this last Tuesday, and wil be starting his Business Law class next week. While he has heard great things about this class, he also has heard that the homework will be an extra hour (at least!) per night, giving us a grand total of 3 hours of Kris-less time at home :( Kris is working so hard at everything. The regional director from UOP (Univ. of Phoenix) personally congratulated him on achieving 3 top spots in the sales dapartment for this quarter. He comes home and plays with baby for a bit and then goes to work on his homework. He just keeps going and going and going. What a great husband, I love him so much.

This is my looooong weekend to work, Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. Just like the good ol' days! Yeah, I am SO glad I do not work full time anymore. BUT! I am doing this so I can have next Saturday off so my hunny can have a great birthday. Even though his birthday is next Thursday, he is working, and I'll be working Friday, so Saturday is his day! Even though I know he doesn't read the blog (he looks at the pics), I still don't want to run the risk of him finding out. Although, I can almost guarantee he knows anyway, stinker. So, he has plans from 6am to 11am, and then a quick break, then is booked from 1-2pm. Afer that, I think we'll go out to lunch with our friends. THEN. . . . . we get to drive to Salt Lake! I am so excited we get to leave town for a few days, and see some family! This is our first break since January, and we are in desperate need of a few days away. Kris has two vacation days he has to use before the end of July, and it is the perfect weekend to use them. PLUS, we are getting a great opportunity to have some family photos taken :) Hooray! Our super cool bro-in-law Sam is going to do a photo shoot for us, it will be our first since Marin was 6 weeks. I hope the weather is nice! I am soooo excited about the whole weekend :)

Speaking of photos, I am starting a new project! A family photo album! We have so many photos that need to be organized, and I really want them in an album. I'll be using Shutterfly, and if you have never used them, you have to try it. I used them to make our wedding album, and it was such a great experience. You upload your photos and design your own page backgrounds and layouts and cover, and then they print it off and ship it to you! Our wedding album cost us $60! And it turned out beautifully! If you are short on money and don't want to spend a million bucks, then try shutterfly, I LOVE them! So, ask me how I am coming along!

Ok, Picture Time!

Hey, a bone! I'll be taking this. . . .

Hmmm, lets see, what can I do with this?

Ok, I'm done, here puppy, you can have it back.

Playing with Mollie

She loves to play with the puppy
Such a sweet baby. She is adorable in this dress, Gotoa love DI!

Yummm! Blueberry pancakes for breakfast! Thanks mommy!
Hey, theres a kitty cat in there! Come out and play kitty!

I guess Kitty doesn't want to play :(

Ok, off to start my day!