Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pad Thai on C.F.M.

Sit Up and Smile!

I've been admittedly lax with my blogging, so sad!  Owen has been able to sit on his own for a few weeks now, but has been pretty top heavy and tips over quite a bit.  This past week he's really been so much more stable, he's doing so well!  What a big guy!

This afternoon, smiley boy.
 BIIIIG smiles for mama :)
 And that remote...he LOVES it!  Any remote, anytime, he had quite the remote chewing session after these pics.
 I LOVE this picture of Owen and daddy.  They were playing together this afternoon, and it was just the cutest thing listening to Owen get all excited over this flapping blanket.
 So much fun daddy!!

These last couple of nights have been pretty rough for everyone in the house...we're pretty certain Owen is teething.  Poor fella!  He's been waking up and hardcore crying in the middle of the night which wakes Marin up since they share a room.  So, I'll nurse him and he'll go back to sleep for a few hours and then be up around 7am...blech.  I feel like I have a newborn again!  Owen was fussy today and Marin was cranky because she was tired from her interrupted sleep.  And I'm almost certain it's teething.  Low fever, clear runny nose, chewing HARD on everything...bring on the Tylenol.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Marin's Third Birthday Party!

Watch out, there are TONS of pictures, and, you'll have to excuse...there are so many pictures with me in them.  I was the assistant to the Birthday Girl, so, we were pretty 'tight' during the festivities.  So, get a load of our little THREE year old!!!

We decided to do the birthday cupcake/candle blowing at the beginning, that way, everyone could be there for the BIG moment.

 Blowing out those candles!
 I want to lick the candles, mama!

 Half of the crew at our sweet party in the park.
 Bestemor was our 'bartender', pouring everyone a pretty pink drink, thanks bestemor!
 So, I made Marin a sandwich (in this picture), and she had one bite.  The rest of the evening she consumed the frosting from two cupcakes and about four cups of pink drinkage.  Silly girl.
 Cousin Heidi!
Bestefor (?) Barry, Grandad, Aunt Siri and cousin Mattias.
 Oldemor and GiGi.  Our two resident great-grandma's!
 Going for the frosting on cupcake number two.  Aunt Melodie made those delectable beauties and boy were they amazing.  PERFECT , indescribable-buttery-sugary-white mounds of heaven topped with orange and pink frosting...DE-licious!  I am in line for her recipe!

 Owen was so good, despite being monumentally tired.  He hung in there, little trooper.
Present time!

Happy Bestemor!
Pillow pet, another friend to add to her growing collection of stuffed items on her bed!
Some gifts from Grandma and Grandpa in NY.  Wish we could have had them there too!

Daddy and Mommy got Marin a scooter for her birthday, hooray!  She needs some practice with pushing AND steering at the same time, but she's doing great.

Owen hanging out with grandad.
Look at that handsome mug, he is just so darned cute.
Heya handsome boy!

We could not be more grateful to everyone who came for such a fantastic birthday celebration.  It was absolutely perfect.  After we packed up and got in the car to go home that night, I was tearing up just thinking about all of the people who love us and our little family and who came to show us their love.  It really meant so much to us.  I think for me, as I remembered Marin's birthday last year and how alone we felt after our move to Oregon, this was just so nice.  And, even though not everyone could be there, we know you wanted to be with us!  Thanks for sending your love!!

And lastly, happy birthday to our sweet Marin.  You are so sweet and have such a precious little voice, so squeaky and lovable.  You are just a doll and we love the little person you are becoming.  You are the best big sister and you love your little brother and are always looking out for him.  Thanks for coming to our family and being the brave one to be the first!  Daddy and Mommy love you very much and we only want happy and wonderful things for you in this life and the eternities.  Love you sweet girl!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Five Years

Five years.  Today, Kristoffer and I celebrate our fifth year of marriage.  What an amazing journey and I can't believe it's been FIVE years!  I hope to add in a picture or two to this post soon, but I'm recovering from a busy day.  My hubby had a few surprises for me today, he is such a sweet man and he rescued me from a self induced meltdown this morning.  I don't know what I would do without this guy, he is just such a...GOOD guy.  And that is something there are far too few of in this world, I am VERY blessed I found one and snagged him forever.  I like to think I make him a happy hubby though.

Every year on our anniversary I get a chance to brag about my sweet husband and how lucky I am to be his wife.  Kristoffer is amazing.  He has a passion and dedication for his family that just wows me every day.  He is such an involved dad and loves to play with his children and they love to play back.  He actually KNOWS how to play, and I love that.  He teaches Marin and keeps his cool when she is being over-the-top frustrating (so much better at that than I am).  He loves me.  Still.  I laugh when I think of all the times he has had to deal with living with a 'girl' and put up with my moodiness and silly girl 'stuff'.  He knows when to love me and when to leave me alone.  He knows when I need to lay on his lap and have a head scratch.  He wants me to be happy and always has the best surprises.  He LOVES to surprise me.  He loves to learn and doesn't have a lazy bone in his body...he can't keep still!  He's always playing some kind of game to keep his mind busy.  I keep falling more and more in love with him every day.  So, here's to another five years and many many many more.

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Food Updates!

Back online my dear readers...I have some backlogged recipes, so stay tuned for more excitement on my fabulous food blog: 

Bridal Veil Falls

Saturday we took the kids to Bridal Veil Falls.  I've actually been there before, years ago when my family was in Utah for a wedding, I think I was about 15, so...12 years ago!!  Such nostalgia!  But I digress...Marin LOVES water, she is always in the mood to get wet, so we prepared and brought a dry change of clothes for her.  It took her about 5 minutes before she fell in and was soaked, silly girl.

"Look mama!  Look at the water!"

 Owen and I hung out in the shade on a big rock just next to the little side pool.  It was a pretty warm day!
 There's my handsome boy!
 Oh, I just love his sweet face!
 So kissable :)
 Owen has a ticklish spot.  His back.  We walk our fingers up his spine and he brings his shoulders up to his ear, grins, squeels and flops his head over into your is about the cutest thing ever.  Here he is mid-tickle.
 COLD mountain water...brrrr!  We could only stay in for a few moments at a time.
 The water was actually crystal clear and beautiful, the muddy bank doesn't do it justice.
 Such an angelic little face, sweet baby boy.
 Owen and daddy.
 Just mama. 
 Daddy halping Owen touch the water.  It's ok dad, we didn't drop Owen in the water ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Walk on the Watery Side

We have a cute little park close to our house and it's been nice to take the kids after dinner when it's not quite as hot outside and Marin can run off that energy.  They had a part of the sidewalk trail that was built to be a little water walkway and it was so great!  The pictures were just lovely and Marin is such a water girl, it was great to let her walk in the water without having a death grip on her hand (come on, we're all parent's here).

We could even wheel the stroller across, perfect!

 She wanted daddy to get some leaves for her to float on the water.
 Tossing in her leaves.
 Sweet baby boy.  Such a happy fella, I just love my little guy.

 Tiny feet in the water!
 Looking at the water, mama!
 These front-lit shots are so pretty!
 I kept trying to get her to do some kind of pose...she totally had no idea what I was telling her.

 She DID understand when I told her to jump
 Such a silly girl.
Her birthday is coming up so soon, I can't believe my little girl is almost THREE!!!  When did THAT happen?!