Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sleepless in Las Vegas

Ahh the ever popular (hah!) teething fairy has found our home once again and is spreading joy all over the magic kingdom. Oh.....My.....GOODNESS! What a miserable night leading into day if there ever was one. Marin was up ALL last night just screaming in her crib (with Tylenol on board, might I mention) and has spent the day being cranky and uncooperative. These moments really test the limits of my fragile mothering patience, and I realize so very acutely that parenting is getting more and more difficult by the day. What was I thinking?! Did the words "Honey, can we have a baby pleeeeease?????", really escape from my naive lips a little over two years ago?! Ack! Truly, there must be divine amnesia involved when parents, mothers in particular, decide to have a second child. Sure the first kid sounds fun and all, but after all is said and done and you realize how insane being a parent makes you, why in the WORLD do you choose to go at it for a second round? Some may say there isn't a God, but civilization proves you wrong (for centuries) with the procreation of 2nd and beyond children, how else could it happen?! Mmmmmm, I do love my baby girl to the ends of the earth and back, she is my sweetheart and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I know it's not her fault...magical teething dust will make any kid crazy, right? I just wish there was a magical parenting fairy....maybe one that sprinkles mind-numbing dust to dull the pains of parenthood just a wee bit, with terrible two's lurking just around the corner (and a sneak peek now, I think), a mom can only dream.

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Emily and Eric said...

I am so sorry Marin isn't feeling well. Just remeber this too will pass and in a few days she will be your sweet little girl again. That is what I have to tell my self over and over again when Edward is teething.