Monday, January 18, 2010

Closet Clean-Out

About a week or so ago I stepped into my closet and let out a sigh. Ugh, too many clothes I don't wear, or don't want to wear or that don't want me to wear them. Many a morning I have stood in my closet just looking for something to wear, and getting frustrated seeing clothes that don't fit right (read: because I have had them since HIGH SCHOOL!), or just worn out clothes that look ratty and disheveled. Even though I knew I had some nice choices tucked amongst the outcast clothes, just having the overwhelming majority of my closet stare me in the face and laugh at me through it's faded teeth made me, well, fed up! So I took action! After I put the baby to bed, I grabbed a handful of Wal-Mart bags and stepped into my closet, only this time, it was for revenge! I literally started grabbing items from the hangers and tossing them over my shoulder onto the bed with both hands. I quickly worked my way from one side of the closet to the other, showing NO MERCY to the sad, mean clothes that were making me frown every day...they had done ENOUGH! Then I stepped back and looked at my now near empty closet, and the plethora of lonely hangers still swinging from my vengeful fury..........I smiled.....and let out a deep sigh of relief. "MUCH better!" I said to myself. Now I can be rid of those clothes that made me sad every morning and while I may have far fewer clothes in my closet, at least the ones that are there won't make me frustrated. I turned around, happy, and started casually folding the outcast clothing and placing them into bags for a well deserved resting place at DI. I am sure they will find a happy home.....but it won't be with me :)

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