Tuesday, January 5, 2010


You know, I used to work with a secretary at the hospital in New York, and she told me that she would make out a list of things she needed to get done the next day, and she always tried to get thirty things done. I have done this off and on since she told me about it, and of course, it works great for accomplishing things, but I was just thinking as I sat here about how many things I need to get done! It never stops! It's not as though this is news to me...that life now that I have a child is (and will become) more chaotic every day, but there are moments when it hits me. Ahhh well, roll with the punches then, eh?

And since thinking about that 30-List, I also think about all the things I HAVE done that I need to blog about, and there just isn't a suitable title to be had for my mish mash of accomplishments :)

Last night for Family Home Evening, we all made cranberry orange muffins for our activity/treat, and Marin was LOVING it. She loves to get up on the chair next to the counter and help stir or pour or whatever. She was a mess at the end as she did not enjoy or eat much of dinner and was now focused on scarfing muffin batter, (pictures to follow) but she had a good time.

After we put Marin monkey in bed (such a sweet moment for me, for many different reasons), Kris and I popped in "Julie and Julia" and cuddled up on the couch. For the record, my husband is and "A+" cuddler, and I know where my daughter gets her snuggle abilities. The movie, while it could have been directed a bit better (it got a bit dry in the middle), was eerily similar in some ways to my thoughts on cooking and it had French music and accents and scenery....I was in heaven! Sometimes I think I was meant to be French..... Anyway, the main character in the movie related how that at the end of the day, you combine egg yolks, milk, cream and chocolate (etc..) and you know they will get thick. This may not mean anything to you, but this is why I love cooking so much. I can combine certain ingredients and know for sure that they will turn out the way I want them to. I guess it's my outlet for a power trip? That sounds so bad!

Marin and I went to Kohls yesterday with a gift card and got some great sale-price items, 80% off baby! I love the post Christmas sales! Like I said before, if you are paying retail all the time, you are wasting your money.

Today is the start of the Dinner Club, and I am the first batter up! I am making Pasta Fagioli (soup), my infamous French bread, and an "Olive Garde-esque" salad. I am way excited for the rest of the week to see how things turn out, and not have to dirty my kitchen every night, well, Kris will be thankful for that too :)

And as I speak, my daughter is walking, yes walking up the stairs with the help of the railing and going "euueeehh (grunting)" When did we all grow up?!

Christmas decorations are down and according to the stores, it is high time to kick it into Valentine's Day! Hmmmm, I don't have any of those decorations though.... I will say that I can't wait to make treats and hand them out (as always, right?).

Annnnnnd......I can finally say that Kris and I are going to Paris THIS YEAR! HOORAY. What I mean is that I don't have to say "next year", that should clear things up. Take a look at the ticker on the bottom of the blog to keep track of our vacation coming up!

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