Thursday, January 14, 2010

Casual Week

I traded Dinner Club days this week, so today is my day to cook and I will be making some vegetable lasagna, mmmmmm! My own personal recipe too, so I will be posting a recipe and a picture on my other blog site later this evening:, check it out, try it out, see what you think! As a quick side note, I am LOVING our little dinner club. My kitchen....and whole house, have stayed so much cleaner! I am not always washing pots and pans, and that in itself is reason enough to make me smile :)

This week has been pretty casual and laid back. Marin and I have been able to play and have fun and enjoy walks (not today, brrrrr!). It's has been great. And I can't believe it's Thursday already! The time absolutely flies! I had some time this week to re-organize my little kitchen closet/pantry, and it was looooong overdue. Things were in dire need of some direction behind that door! Marin's snacks were stuffed in one part of the shelf and my baking goods were all heaped up in the box that used to hold them neatly. So I set to work the other night after Marin was in bed. It didn't take as long as I thought, but it is all orderly and happy now! Marin's snacks now belong in a special green caddy, so we don't have loose applesauce cups or cereal bars everywhere. It looks so nice :)

I have been working so hard to get off these last 10 pounds, and it is KILLING me! They are the hardest BY FAR to get rid of! I am so close to my goal I can catch glimpses of what I used to look like, but those stubborn pounds just LOVE to stick around, blech! I have this one pair of Lucky Brand jeans that I haven't been able to fit into since before I was pregnant, and they are my goal. I could at least pull them over my hips the other night.....Anyway, speaking of that, I need to be off to the gym!

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