Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playground Fun

The last few days have been wonderfully tepid and Marin and I have taken advantage of the weather and have headed to the playground. She has really gotten into the slides and walks up the stairs solo, sits down at the top of the slide and giggles her way down to have mommy help her over to the stairs again. She is getting more and more independent every day and loves to interact with all her little buddies that play there too.

We have about 3 more weeks until Marin heads into nursery....have I mentioned I can't WAIT?! I have altogether given up trying to keep Marin in Gospel Doctrine anymore, she is just far too disruptive. I have also given up on my "no-walking in the hallway" philosphy (well, we stick to it for Sacrament meeting". The only way we can make it through the meetings is to let her wander.

Kris is doubling up on his classes for this block (6 weeks), and today he starts his second class. I will be curious to see how things go, it does make me nervous, but the good news is that he will be just a little bit closer to graduation. This little fact has prompted us to start thinking about...well...what's next! We knew when we moved to Las Vegas that it wouldn't be our final stop, and while this summer will make 3 years (wow!), it's time to move on. Las Vegas has been a wonderful experience and Kris and I have had so many wonderful experiences here and made some great and priceless friends. This is where we needed to be for sure! Our family grew by one and we figured out what it takes to make a marriage work after the honeymoon ends (we are still learning!). I have a feeling we will be staying on the West Coast as my husband feels the most at home this side of the rockies. We have been tossing around a few ideas, but nothing is set in stone yet. I have a feeling we will be out of Las Vegas by the end of the year, yikes!

Picture Time!

I LOVE this picture of Marin peeking over the top of the swing, so cute!
Such a happy girl, I love to hear her giggles :)

Climbing the stairs to get to the slide! Love those pigtails.

Made it to the top! Happy Girl.
Have a great day!

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