Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sharing is overrated. Or, at least, I have determined so. Growing up your parents teach you to share and be nice so other little kids don't think you are a greedy snob. Sharing however provides a diabolical problem. As a kid you think, "Heck, no big deal if I break it, it's not mine anyway.", or "Where is that *thing*, oh well, it's not mine anyway.". This leads the lender to grow to hate sharing and never trust anyone to borrow their things ever again, thus leading the rest of mankind to view them as the un-sharing snob who happens to have in their possession all of their own things....INTACT!

I don't think anyone really likes sharing. I do NOT like sharing. I am a kind person and will make you a meal every day or let you stay in my home, but when it comes to my THINGS, I don't like sharing, especially now that I have a child and I have to share EVERYTHING, knowing that they will get lost, ripped, stained, dirty, torn, broken, etc.... Marin wants to have all of my stuff, and I have become fiestily territorial over a few of my choice things, for example: my jewelry (MINE!), my makeup (Oh, sooooo MINE!), my cookbooks (hands off, MINE!). I know I know, I sound like such a little girl. But let me ask you this...what's wrong with not sharing everything? I don't think it's necessary to be a walking "Share-Bin" for everyone, even my kid. Besides, I think it teaches kids boundaries. "No, you can't have that.......Why? Because it is NOT YOUR'S, that's why". Why do we need to feel like we are entitled to have everyone else's stuff anyway? If you want it, work hard enough to buy/get it, no?

While I have come a long way on patience and sharing, I still don't like sharing, and maintain my happily-still-mine-and-unbroken, philosophy.

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