Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

Here I am I guess. The weeks just FLY by it seems, so I find that sometimes almost a week has gone by before I realize I haven't blogged yet :)

Work this past weekend was. . . different. Friday they floated me to NICU, and I took 3 babies down there. Usually whenever anyone from the Peds floor floats down there, they are pretty nice and give us the easy babes, what they call the "feeder/growers". Those babies essentially just need to put on weight before they can go home, so they don't have IV's or need to be in the isolette. They gave me some sick kids! All three were in isolettes and were getting TPN and lipids into scalp veins and 2 had NG tubes (which they both pulled out and had to be put back in!), and they all had IV meds and gavage feeds. Not that it was hard being down there, but I'm used to getting an easy assignment when I go!

Saturday was also interesting. I was assigned to work at Valley Hospital (where Marin was born, and not the hospital I work at) to do some training and be a resource person. The hospital was going live with their new computer system and had brought in personnell from the other sister hospitals to help the staff with the transition. So, I went in and was assigned to a med/surg/tele unit. Blah! I remember now why I don't do adult nursing. I do NOT miss the old confused people at all. Well, I didn't have to do any patient care, just answer questions and give pointers. It was a little difficult, because Valley is doing things a bit differently than Summerlin, which is fine, but at the beginning of the shift, I came across something that I knew was going to be an issue. I brought it up to the other point person, who actually was a staff member on the floor, and she brushed it off as one of the differences. Well, after calling the control center and getting another brush off, I left it alone and just told myself that at least I wouldn't have to deal with it at Summerlin. Come the end of the shift, sure enough, there were issues, and finally the other resource person saw what I had been saying. We took it down to the control center, where one admin-corporate liason tried to give me another brush off (although, based on the fact that she kept saying "pacific" instead of "specific", didn't lend her much credibility). The other two saw our point and told us they would take it to the next meeting. Aren't I just a big trouble-maker? (Dad, don't answer that).

Sunday was nice, we had our friends from Mesquite down for dinner and watched some episodes of "The Office", so we got to socialize for a while and that was so nice :)

Well, Miss Marin is just the funniest girl ever. She has figured out how to do a fake laugh, and it cracks. . .me. . . up! Although, when she does her REAL laugh (mostly for daddy), that is also the sweetest thing EVER, nothing makes you smile more than a laughing baby. Dinnertime is also pretty funny. I will feed Marin her supper and put her down to play while Kris and I eat, but soon enough we find a fuzzy head peeking over our laps to find out what ELSE is for dinner. She gets mad if we don't pick her up, and loves to piece off of daddy's plate. Silly girl! Lately she had been clapping her hands when she see's us do it, she likes to copy us. And she has been finding more and more things to climb up on, besides the stairs. The dishwasher has been her platform of choice, I have to watch her pretty close because the is QUICK!

Picture Time!

Marin actually ON the dishwasher this morning (after she sat down).

Up she goes!
Here at the Lyman house, we don't eat a lot of red meat, but one of our favorites is a steak sandwich. Last night I made some, and they were the best I have EVER had! SOOOO good!
Marin has a cute little pink stuffed piggy that she takes to bed with her, she loves that thing, it's pretty cute!
And, my new glasses! Look how brownmy hair looks! Yikes, that needs to change!

Have a great one!

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