Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to the JUNGLE!!!

Over the last few days I felt like we might have had a baby elephant hanging around our house! I heard little elephant noises all the time, and then I saw the culprit. . . (well, who else could it be?) Miss Marin of course! Daddy taught her a fun little trick and she makes elephant noises now. Kris makes a mean elephant sound (I, however, try as I might, cannot) and Marin picked up on it and makes elephant noises, it is really cute! We already make lots of farm animal noises around here, but who knew Marin would contribute an elephant! Silly Baby :)

She has also grasped the concept of. . . chasing, and she loves it! The other day I was getting Marin undressed for her bath, and she started crawling away, so I wiggled my fingers and told her I was going to get her and she squeeled and started to crawl away as fast as she could and then I thumped my hands on the ground as I crawled to get her and she started laughing, it was the sweetest thing ever! She loves playing with mommy and daddy, such a sweet girl!

Picture Time!

Well, this isn't Marin, but it is a picture of my vanilla sugar, you can look on the scrollbar on the right to see how to make it.

Marin was really getting into food storage yesterday. . . MY food storage.

I love this picture, such a happy girl :)

And I love this picture too, here is Marin playing with our puppy Mollie.

She has been soooo hungry lately, I just can't get enough food into this girl. I make my own baby food, and freeze them into cubes, and when I took this picture, she had eaten 5 cubes of chicken tetrazzini, 1 cube of carrots, one cube of peas, some leftover banana chunks from breakfast, raspberries, and then some baby krispy snacks. She MUST be going through a growth spurt, because her morning naps have been 2-3 hours long!

I work the weekend, so have a great one and I will be posting next week!

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