Monday, June 15, 2009

Suck it up, Cupcake. . .

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Ahh, well, the last few days have been a "tossed salad" of mixed emotions. Thursday was my presentation on making your own baby food, and it went well, I think all 4 people learned something. 4 people. In fact, there were 2 sessions, so I only had 2 people per session. I must say, it doesn't really surprise me that much that no one showed up. Why make your own fresh stuff when you can buy it in a jar, right? Whatever. I got home feeling a little frustrated at the turnout, but more questioning my own methods. I couldn't help but wonder if I had some sort of "God" complex where I just have to do it my own way and if I was a big weirdo for doing what I do. Kris is always good at making me feel better, and he worked his magic, so, to heck with everyone else!

Friday was a much better, they called me off of work, but we still sent Marin off to my other friend, Kim's house for the day. I, had a lovely day to myself. I had a coupon for a $39 massage :) So I had a massage for the first time in, probably about 3 or more years. It was sooo nice! Ahhh, VERY relaxing. Then, I went to get my scraggly locks worked on. My poor hair has been in DESPERATE need of some TLC for quite some time. The last time I had my hair cut was a week before Marin was born, if you can believe that. I had a friend trim it up for me since then, but not a real cut. So I sat down in the chair and told the girl, "Make it blonder, and make it shorter.", so she did! I am sooooo hapy with the results! My hair has not been this short since high school, but it looks amazing, and I look pretty foxy :) That's always a bonus!

Saturday, hmmmm, Saturday. I went to work with high hopes that I might be able to work on my own unit. No such luck. When I found they were floating me to NICU again I almost flipped a switch on the charge nurse. I'll be having some words with my manager about this though. So, my day down there was ever the same, full of feeding the little larvae, but this time, all the families wer in and out of the room, ALL, DAY, LONG! That makes it hard, because you can't just, do your thing. But, the day finished, and I headed home. On the drive home though, I was getting off at an exit, and there was an accident that forced the traffic over to the left lane. There were 3 cars, and one SUV was tipped on it's side. Emergency vehicles hadn't responded yet, so as I drove by, I rolled down my window and asked a nurse that was already there if they needed another nurse, (they were fine, but legally I am required to ask). Anyway, as I was asking, the JERKFACE driving an SUV behind me started to honk his horn, and go around me and cut me off!! My blood was BOILING! I was sooooo angry! What a horrible thing to do. So, at the next red light, he was right beside me and I rolled down my window and showed him my badge. Of course he wouldn't even look at me. There are times that I am absolutely flabbergasted at how rude and selfish people here are in Las Vegas. Ahhh well, let it go. . . .

Sunday was great. My clothes fit me, my hair looked snazzy, we were on time to sacrament meeting (which is a big deal, by the way!), and we went to Mesquite for our friend BJ's birthday. I made him some banana bread and Kris got him some golf balls. We had dinner at their home, and Marin had fun playing with their dog Eafer! It was a nice day :)

Marin is just as sweet as ever. I caught her standing behind her walker and pushing it across the floor the other evening. I was pretty impressed. Her balance is getting better and better, Kris caught her standing next to the couch without holding on the other day, just for a few seconds. She is getting close to walking! We are teaching her how to give a high five, and she thinks that is just the funniest thing ever, we had her giggling pretty good:)

Ok, I need to get ready for the gym before the baby wakes up, so . . . .

Picture Time!

For the fans, here's Eafer!

Marin petting the puppy.

A reallly cute picture of Marin with Uncle BJ. We refer to him as uncle bunny :)

My Hair!!! I look so mature! It was a little hard to let go of my hair, but it looks so nice, I don't mind, plus, there was enough to donate! Not 12 inches, but not every hair place requires 12 inches of hair. I think she took off about 6 inches or so. It's even shorter in the back too! Kind of like a sleek bob. It's great because I can lave it down, and it won't hang in my face which drives me nuts. Happy girl!

Marin looking like she about to get ino some mischief!

Off to the gym, have a great one guys!

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Tabitha said...

You're going to be one of those chic young moms with your new haircut. It looks awesome!