Thursday, May 28, 2009

These are the Moments

I just had to punch in a quick post this morning before I start the day. Marin this morning was just so sweet. I had brought her back to bed and fed her and sat her up on my belly so she could look at daddy putting his tie on for work, because she loooooves daddy, he always gets BIG smiles. Anyway, she looks at Kris, looks back at me, and lays down and puts her head on my chest to snuggle! So sweet! Marin NEVER does this, she wants to see the world, ALL the time, and it was so darling this morning, it just melted my heart. Those are the kinds of moments every mama hopes for I guess :)

Not much on the agenda for today. Put some oil in my car, get some soy milk for baby and clean the upstairs. it is really in sad shape.

The Relief Society president called me yesterday and asked me to teach a segment of the upcoming enrichment meeting. The theme is "forgotten traditions of our grandmothers" or something like that. Well, anyway, she ased me if I would teach a class on how to make your own baby food! So cool! I'm really excited about it actually, and have been thinking about some information to include. I'll keep you all posted though. Making your own baby food is SOOOOO easy, it makes me wonder why more people don't do it. I'm not sure if people think that the baby food aisle is THE ONLY place to get food for your baby or if they think the baby food companies add in special miracle-baby-GRO nutrients or what. Not that jarred food is bad, but it can get pricey! I'll post a special blog on making your own baby food :)

I think I may have found a new favorite store. Home Goods. Kris and I wandered in there the other week after our date, and they had some wonderful cook-top dutch ovens on sale for NOTHING! I reeeeeally wanted one, but it was still not something we could affors right at the moment, so we left it. Well last night, we wandered back, and had all been snatched up! I was sad, but, I did notive they had a few peices of my dream cookware, ALL-CLAD. It was sooo much cheaper than the stuff at Williams-Sonoma, and once again, I was tempted, but, for another day . . . .

Picture Time!

Marin's cute new sippy cups.
Marin figuring out her cute new sippy cup.

Story time!

Ahhhh, her exploration has reached new heights! With careful supervision of course.

For those of you who have never had homemde fresh bread, it is something out of fairy tales. I am telling you, SOOOOO good! I made this last night and paired it with some jam I made the day before, a strawberry-pineapple-apple jam. Just DE-licious!

Have a fabulous weekend, I'm off to work tomorrow and Saturday :)

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